December 25, 2008

~Merry Christmas to All~

( antique German Manger ~ family heirloom)

I wish everyone a joyous Christmas from my heart to yours & may all your Christmas dreams come true this holiday season. I am off to my family's home to enjoy Turkey dinner and lots of (spiked) apple cider. mmm....

This is one of my favourite family heirlooms. From my Mom's side of the family a manger brought back here from Germany. This has always taken center stage for me, before all the Christmas trees. As a child I always wanted to set up where Mary and Jesus would be placed in the manger and the three wise men caring gifts. I loved unwrapping them all from their tissue paper and bringing them to life & adding the final touches, sprinkling the hay.
A little side note~I would like to apologize for the lack of post this month. This is my busy, busy season and between running here and there, plus loosing hours due to sooooo much snow haven't had any time to post. I will be back up and running right after the new year. I have been working on finishing the final touches to my La marque croit le Château (pretend chateau) floor plan, so until then, may everyone enjoy the holiday they may be celebrating this time of year.
Merry Christmas too All!
Warm hugs ~Miss Kris~

December 14, 2008

Orange LOVE

I do love the color ORANGE!!! Maybe it is because my Grandparents would send me oranges and grapefruit from Florida, to here in Chicago during our cold winters. Or maybe it reminds me of getting off the plane at the Tampa Bay Airport in the springtime and smelling the orange blossoms. Simply put orange reminds me of my Grandparents and always brings BIG SMILE to my face. These are some of my favorite orange images...
I love the orange tones of this french home.
(image courtesy of Art & Decoration)
This image is so lovely to me. The ironwork is to die for!!! Plus this orange terracotta pot is pretty with the warmness that plays off the outside orange stucco.

(image courtesy of Art & Decoration)
Another Pretty image of ORANGE!!!

(image courtesy of Veranda)
Tulips are one of my favorite flowers and in this orangie blush color playing off the pretty pillow is stunning!!!

(image courtesy of coming soon)
Nothing like a ride on an orange VESPA... Although I wouldn't know, but I would love to find out. It is just too cute!

(image courtesy of Veranda)
These lovely orange fabrics I would never think would play off the natural linen, It works!!! the warmth from the orange cools a bit from the linen. I really like that! I love the little window opening outward.

(image courtesy of Southern Accents)
Orangie, blushy full silk taffeta window treatments. Enough said!

(image courtesy of Art & Decoration)
The orange glow off a candle.

(image courtesy of Veranda)
This may be one of my all time favorite bedrooms. I love the softness in the peachy striped soft walls, with the taffeta window treatments and the burl wood sleigh bed. I love the small touches of the brown on the throw and the velvet covering on the stool. It is not one thing I love but the whole picture. And I love the gilt gold chandelier. Breathtaking!!!

These little watercolors I picked up in Montmartre the last time in Paris.

They are about 5X7 and are not matted or framed yet.

This is the last of the pretty little watercolors. When I look at them it reminds me of my time in Paris. sigh......
I have a quick question...I would love to get them framed, although I am clueless what to do. Should I keep the matting and frames white or should I make them more colorful? Or should I just simply tack them up with old tacks for a different look? I would love to hear your input.

I love the pop of orange in the nectarines & on a cold blustery day in Chicago I would love to be by a warm sea.

I simply love, love, LOVE this pretty lacey table cloth.

I would love to take a break and enjoy a lovely book here at this chippy white bench against the orange glow off the sunset.
Au revoir ~ Miss Kris~