August 12, 2009

Twinkles in the sky...tonight

(image courtesy of lilidebretagne flickr)
Hello...Yes, please do come in!
I have lots of treasures to seek out.
Old and used robin's egg books
Very pretty painted pieces.

Quilted covers
Vintage Mirrors

Beautiful Art
Pretty chandeliers.

Tiny touches are throughout here.
Today I am loving everything in soft bleus, greens, ivories, and touches of gold. Wouldn't you like to stay here?

Tonight I will be up top, outside, enchanted by the meteor shower. Look out to Cassiopeia constellation in the northeast sky (looks like a "W") and perhaps you'll be able to see lots of twinkles.
~Miss Kris~

August 4, 2009

~A Very Special Thank You~

Hi everyone! I am posting one of the cutest things I received in the mail. I entered in a contest over at Draffin Bear by Carolyn Green for her birthday giveaway and I was one of the lucky winners. Yeah!!! I have been OOBER busy lately and never saw this cute little package waiting for me until now.
I gently began to open it up and to my surprise....

The most precious little duckling was waiting for me. I can NOT thank you enough Carolyn for I do not know how I was soooooo lucky to get this cute Duckling. I love ducks...this is just so SPECIAL!!! It looks so real, the feather on her side just remarkable. She also has such a pretty little hat on with little beautiful flowers on it's brim. Thank YOU so much again...homemade things are the most treasured gifts.
Carolyn from Draffin Bear is from New Zealand, she has such a beautiful blog and is highly talented, she creates teddy bears also. She loves everything beautiful, old and new. Carolyn travels extensively and I think she has such an interesting life, I highly recommend everyone to take a special trip over to her site to see what she has been up to lately.
~Miss Kris~