September 26, 2009

~The Process, Part 1~

This is sometimes how my painting process starts. This process began with a lovely image, via Beautiful Things to Share Blog and I was instantly at my sketchbook. This beautiful image brought me right to Paris and I began to think about a lovely Paris apartment in the Left Bank perhaps on Rue de Seine. Where lovely cafes are on every corner and Paul's is just down the street. Oooo...I can almost smell the patisseries! Where I can go to the local florist and get bundles of fresh flowers for every room.

(image courtesy of
This is the second image for my inspiration for my Paris apartment foyer. I had this lovely set of antique doors in my file which are for sale at Old Plank for only $14,500. Aren't they MARVELOUS?

Of course, I had to somehow put Francois Boucher's BEAUTIFUL art in my foyer. Right?

Plus adding my little cat would be cute. (This isn't her although I love this little kitty, mine is a Himalayan so in the final rendering she will be there).

My final rendering! Voila! I placed my little kitty trying to get a beautiful yellow butterfly. Yes, I would have butterflies in my apartment. I also placed a few packages ready to be shipped out and some mail resting on my parquet floors.

Again the final rendering, 15X11". I hope you enjoyed my process in which "an image" sparked a painting.
May everyone have a delightful weekend!
Au revoir
~Miss Kris~

September 19, 2009

New Exhibit at Versailles

Hi Everyone ~ Versailles has opened up once again to another contemporary art event this fall.
Last year's event was with Jeff Koon and this fall, Xavier Veilhan is installing several new sculptures around the grounds. This contemporary event last thru December 13th.
This sculpture is called "The Large Carriage". I Love IT!!! I love the contrast of the purple sharp angled lines against the Beautiful Chateau.
Hmmm...perhaps I should check airline prices???
~Miss Kris~

September 15, 2009

Some pretties for you ALL!!!

Hi Everyone, Today I am LOVING this image. So inspirational!!!
When I first found this image I took out my sketch pad and went crazy...hours went by! I was Dreaming of a little French Marie Antoinette Playroom! Oooo...this playroom would of course have a pretty soft DREAMY carousel in it and beautiful animals dressed up for the princess. A pretty Marie Antoinette walking down a stone path and maybe a LOVELY chateau in the background or perhaps La Hameau? I think I would even paint a garden...Oooo the flowers I could paint! The colours!

Well...I'll let my mind wonder in this Delight later.

Somewhere in my Marie Antoinette Playroom I would have to have some of this Pretty writing...perhaps somewhere on the carousel. I just LOVE this writing, reminds me of Love Letters. Also, I will need some flying butterflies with sprinkling twinkles coming off their wings. Little touches of magic!

This image makes my mouth water! Yum!

How about some macaroons for you all?

If I could invite you ALL to my make-believe playroom, I of course would pour you each a flute! (or 2) :)

May you Pretties have a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!

~Miss Kris~