September 15, 2009

Some pretties for you ALL!!!

Hi Everyone, Today I am LOVING this image. So inspirational!!!
When I first found this image I took out my sketch pad and went crazy...hours went by! I was Dreaming of a little French Marie Antoinette Playroom! Oooo...this playroom would of course have a pretty soft DREAMY carousel in it and beautiful animals dressed up for the princess. A pretty Marie Antoinette walking down a stone path and maybe a LOVELY chateau in the background or perhaps La Hameau? I think I would even paint a garden...Oooo the flowers I could paint! The colours!

Well...I'll let my mind wonder in this Delight later.

Somewhere in my Marie Antoinette Playroom I would have to have some of this Pretty writing...perhaps somewhere on the carousel. I just LOVE this writing, reminds me of Love Letters. Also, I will need some flying butterflies with sprinkling twinkles coming off their wings. Little touches of magic!

This image makes my mouth water! Yum!

How about some macaroons for you all?

If I could invite you ALL to my make-believe playroom, I of course would pour you each a flute! (or 2) :)

May you Pretties have a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!

~Miss Kris~


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Miss Kris,

What a beautiful post.
I loved the Marie Antoinette Artwork, the colours are so soft and pretty.
Also the writing on the love letter is gorgeous.
I am dreaming that I am there eating macaroons and having a flute of Veuve Clicquot. Thank you for giving me a great afternoon.

thanks for visiting my blog, I have been wondering how you are.
Hope all is well.


A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Hi Miss Kris,
First of all......where have you been? It was good to hear from you and I have missed you and all your gorgeous and creative confections, you must dream in pastel. I love your ideas for a Maris Antionette theme done in this manner and the addition of calligraphy. If I ever have a granddaughter, I am calling you first! Might be awhile though.
XO ~ everything is so lovely here.
Just getting up to blog-speed and will be in touch to do a post.

Kelli said...

What an absolutely beautiful post Miss Kris!!! I love all the images and dream of being able to create a fanciful playspace like this for our little girl.
Wishing you a bon weekend!

Absolutely Ladylike said...

I would love to drink that pink champagne with you :-)