April 19, 2009

~Princess Wall Hangings~

Hi Everyone! This is my latest hand-painted wall hanging inspired by the Marie Antoinette with my whimsical interpretation of Versailles. Marie Antoinettes favourite colour was bleu which is captured in the Chateau, flowers and the small little details throughout. This wall hanging is simply titled ~Il etait une fois, bleu~ (Once upon a time...)


This is available for a limited time at my Etsy store HERE.

close up of the little princess and her carriage.

detail of the castle and a part of the white swags where I will personally add your little princess' name...

This wall hanging is approx 2X3 feet comes with a hand-painted finial and double sided satin ribbon. Comes ready for you to hang. This wall hanging will finish off your little princess room.

If Bleu isn't your Princess' colour I have painted a smaller version of my original Il etait une fois wall hanging with all the details as the larger version. Size is approx 2X3 feet, has lovely touches of pinks, ivories and golds.

The pretty pink swags is were I will personalize it for you with your Princess' name.

detail of horse and carriage.

castle detail...

This wall hanging also comes with pink, ivory antiqued gold finials and double sided satin ribbon. This wall hanging is also available at my Etsy store HERE.

I really hope you enjoyed my latest wall hangings and have a beautiful day!!!

~Miss Kris~

April 16, 2009

Le Cirque and surprising Fifi!

(images are available here at my Etsy store)

Hi Everyone!!! I just arrived VIRTUALLY via train from Paris and I am walking my way over to Versailles to present this Special Circus mural to a LOVELY family's tiny tots.
A big party surrounds my trip to Versailles and I will be over at Fifi's to do my surprise post today! Come join me...
Don't forget to put on your BEST FROCKS!
~Miss Kris~

April 15, 2009

~Wordless Wednesday~

(images courtesy of 28 à Aix-L'Hotel)

Hi Everyone! After running around yesterday with Fifi from Fifi Flowers I am quite exhausted and a stay at this LOVELY HOTEL is a nice place to relax for the day. The HOTEL-28 à Aix is situated in Aix-en-Provence in the Mazarin area and their site says it is two steps away from Cours Mirabeau, La Place des Quatre Dauphins and the Granet Museum. I found this lovely hotel via Departures Magazine earlier this year and was mystified by their courtyard images.
After seeing their website I saw an image of the boutique which reminded me of the Beauty Salon, Anna (from Villa Anna) that her and her daughter had a Mommy Daughter day last year.
Such a BEAUTY...can you image staying in one of these bedrooms?
Have a BEAUTIFUL Day!!!
~Miss Kris~

April 14, 2009

Bonjour Everyone! I am virtually here in Provence & guest blogging for Fifi!!!

Fshhhh...I am here!!! "VIRTUALLY" in Lovely France! I have been here for the last week. I was so busy running around to different galleries, taking in all the beautiful cafes and finalizing a "TOP SECRET" rendezvous. Although I had ONE major glitch!!! Computer problems! Need I say anymore. NO? Ok! So I hope everyone has been patient and waiting with anticipation to see what I have been up to. I am heading via Train to Provence to see my friend Fifi. I am her GUEST BLOGGER today. Click HERE to see what Fifi and I are up to...

This is just a little sneak peak... Today I will not be shameless and showcase my work...hmmmm or am I shameless? hehe ...My work is available HERE.

Sneak peak at Fifi's work...her beautiful paintings are available HERE. Sometimes I wonder how Fifi does it. Her work is AMAZING!!! I LOVE them ALL!

What are you still doing over here...Today's post is over at Fifi's site. Click HERE...We are going to get into some trouble today. I'll see you Thhhhhere!

But before you leave...Wednesday, I will be visiting a BEAUTIFUL hotel along the coast and Thursday I will be up in Versailles with Fifi and friends presenting a little playful mural. I can't wait to see everyone there...

Au Revoir!

~Miss Kris~

April 2, 2009

~Au Revoir~

Seriously! Last night it only took 3 1/2 HOURS to upload these 3 images. Seriously? Normally I would never EVER go off on this little tirade, but seriously!!! On another GOOD note, I am so glad to say I am leaving VIRTUALLY tomorrow morning for Paris! Yeah. I have a few things to do next week. The first is I am off to a chateau on the hunt for a missing item. Hmmmm...any guesses???

I will be driving through Paris and the countryside in on of these Cuties!!!

(Image unknown)
I might have a stop at a very prestigious family (NO NAMES) to present a "Virtual" mural for some tiny tots beautiful playroom. I wonder where that will be? Any guesses?

I hope to see everyone back here NEXT WEEK for some fun and something NEW. Until then, EVERYONE have a lovely weekend!!!

Au Revoir!
~Miss Kris~

April 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday ~ A Colourful Palette

(images courtesy of Country Living ~ British)
I am loving this artist's Studio! So dreamy and colourful. Do you LOVE this Palette?
I'll see you back here Friday. I will be leaving virtually for France over the weekend. I have some VERY important sleuthing to do. HINT HINT HINT!!! Also, I will be making a stop to present a beautiful Mural for a home in France. I will give you more details this Friday!
Au Revoir!
~Miss Kris~