April 16, 2009

Le Cirque and surprising Fifi!

(images are available here at my Etsy store)

Hi Everyone!!! I just arrived VIRTUALLY via train from Paris and I am walking my way over to Versailles to present this Special Circus mural to a LOVELY family's tiny tots.
A big party surrounds my trip to Versailles and I will be over at Fifi's to do my surprise post today! Come join me...
Don't forget to put on your BEST FROCKS!
~Miss Kris~


Petunia said...

Dear Kris:

Your party for Fifi was just lovely! I do thank you for allowing me to toast her as she is my BFF and who better to give her a few words at such an important event than me! Your party planning abilities are quite remarkable. I will have my people call your people for information as to who you hired! I may want to use them as there is nothing more important in a girl's rolodex than the numbers of those who show up and make the party, don't you agree?

You are a lovely, girl, Kris. I shall add you to my guest list.

Petunia who just loved all those animals and red balloons!

vicki archer said...

The sweetest drawings Kris - enjoy Versailles, xv.

annechovie said...

These are adorable, Kris! I hope you are having a good week.

Fifi Flowers said...

You do throw the most WONDERFUL parties!!!
I cannot thank you enough! Whenever you want to return as a guest blogger... the door is ALWAYS open!
Your Friend FOREVER!

Noel Solomon said...

Miss Kris~
That was the sweetest party! Fifi must be the happiest thing on earth! Your cirque looks like a dream. How adorable to a little ones bedroom.

xo - Noel

Unknown said...

Miss Kris! I just love surprises! What a sweet party and what sweet artwork! I love them :) Great guest spot! Enjoy France!!!

Draffin Bears said...

Thank you for a wonderful Party Miss Kris.

I love your Artwork.
Le Cirque is absolutely adorable ~ I love all the detail and colours.
Some lucky children, are going to have a very sweet bedroom.


gina said...

Beautiful as always.

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Funnily enough, I just came from Fifi's site where I visited for the first time and fell head over heels in love with her art!! I went to leave a comment on your guest blog but alas for some reason the comment form wasn't working. Nevermind, do tell Fifi, I'll be back! It was a sensational discovery!

Bonne Fete!

Kelli said...

So much fun!
I LOVE the circus paintings and the beautiful photos from the hotel... gorgeous.
Bon Weekend

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

So happy to stopped in for a visit and so sorry you have blogger butt as well(you probably don't) and just love your blog and the world it presents, especially love the goose paintings....so gorgous. You have a remarkable talent!