April 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday ~ A Colourful Palette

(images courtesy of Country Living ~ British)
I am loving this artist's Studio! So dreamy and colourful. Do you LOVE this Palette?
I'll see you back here Friday. I will be leaving virtually for France over the weekend. I have some VERY important sleuthing to do. HINT HINT HINT!!! Also, I will be making a stop to present a beautiful Mural for a home in France. I will give you more details this Friday!
Au Revoir!
~Miss Kris~


Draffin Bears said...

Miss Kris, you have some beautiful photos you have shared this week.
Loving the pretty colours.

Looking forward to hearing more about your trip to France.
Have a great Thursday.


Blue Muse said...

Gorgeous! I'd love to have a studio bathed in these beatiful hues! le yum! Happy Wednesday Miss Kris!
xo Isa

Noel Solomon said...

Look at those clovers!! Miss Kris you are right it IS such a gorgeous Wednesday!!

sepiadreams said...

Loving the turquoise blue colors going on...Beautiful pics...Love Tiina...

blueberries in the fields said...

oooh this palette is absolutely gorgeous ! i LOVE, love this shade of blue, exactly what i want to paint my terrace door and my old bench. And i am in the lookout for and old chipped table just like that.. such a lucky person, beautiful studio. Is that the latest copy of british country living ?
Have a good time in france and hope they love your murale. I am sure it will be a sucess. Those i saw in your blog are fabulous! so talented lady here !Tell us all about it when you get back !

gina said...

WOW! these are beautiful pictures I love the colors.

Lisa Mainz said...

I absolutely love this palette...
just up my alley.
Have a look at my blog and website
Would love to swop links