February 27, 2009

Weekend at Last...

ahhh.........Weekend at last! May you all have a nice and relaxing weekend.
~Miss Kris~

February 23, 2009

Soft Shimmery Pinks...

Ahhh...This bed is heavenly! So fluffy and soft, almost seems up in the clouds.
Look at the delicate headboard. And the dainty white linens. So breathtaking!!!

So pretty and simple. Besides the vanity sink, I love this faucet. A closer-look at this faucet. Beautiful!:)

This is bowl is so soft and creamy looking.

(images courtesy of Country Homes & Interiors)
Getting ready for some dinner.
I love this pretty home, so soft and feminine! I'll take one of these. Do you love this home as much as I do?
~Miss Kris~

February 20, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Hi Everyone! This has been a busy last few weeks for me, I have been refinishing some kitchen cabinets, to be exact over 30 individual pieces. They are painted in a really pretty soft white with some antiquing done on top. I'll be sure to post the before and after next week.
So this weekend I decided I am going to have a little R & R. I have scheduled an appointment for another deep tissue massage tomorrow afternoon. I know this seems to be a regular event, at least once a month. But, after a massage and a weekend filled with lots of R& R, I recover quite nicely. Like for instance tomorrow night I rented Nights in Rodanthe. I really can't wait, it looks like such a cute film.
It is time to put on some pretty slippers and enjoy the weekend!
~Miss Kris~

February 18, 2009

Fuchsia, aqua & a little monkey business!

(designer guild)
These are some fuchsia and aqua pretties! Fun & Whimsical. What do you think?


(vintage weave)
I'll take a few of these candle votives. Would be lovely going up a winding staircase all lite up. Also I highly recommend checking out Vintage Weave. Their store is filled with lots of goodies.

(designer guild)

(vintage weave)

A toast to you!

(vintage weave)

I love fleur di lis, but I really love this chippy blue door

(Monkey Business)

I watched Monkey Business last week once I finished these next two watercolours.
I'm not sure if anyone is a Cary Grant fan, growing up, my Dad got me hooked. My favourite Grant movie is Father Goose with Leslie Caron. What's yours?

(painted by moi, available at my ETSY store)
My monkey business watercolour

(painted by moi again, available at my ETSY store)

May everyone have a GREAT day!
~Miss Kris~

February 16, 2009

Dreamy Interior~

(all images courtesy from Country Homes & Interiors-British)
Knock knock, please come in and take a look at this Dreamy & Sweet home. Filled with lots of clean whites and pretty blue accents. So Pretty!!!

I love this home!!! Do you like this house?
~Miss Kris~

February 12, 2009

Miss Emily

Hi Everyone! I'm Kris' Miss Emily. I know, I'm really, really cute! Krissie was scared this week because I got a little sick, I had to go the vet and get some tests. I was filled with fluids because I needed to wait to eat until all the test came back, which was five hours later, that is five hours without food or water. Yikes!!! What is a girl to do? But, I'M OK! Yeah!!! I can eat and get treats again. Krissie says I'm a really good girl and she LOVES me soooo much. Sometime Krissie says I'm a little Frenchie but I'm a British Bull true and true. My real first name is Lady because I'm so gracious in my movements. Smile, blush... Everyone calls me Emily except Krissie's niece, my cousin, she calls me Emburlee. It's really cute! Plus she is my size, we are best pals.
I wish everyone a great weekend and take your owners out for a walk, you know spring is right around the corner and the daffodils are trying to come up in the front yard. Krissie laughs, because next week we may get snow. See you back here next week.
~Miss Emily~

February 10, 2009

Coup de coeur

(image by François Boucher)
I'm "LOVE STRUCK" with this romantic beautiful room. Can you imagine being commissioned to paint these lovelies for someone. How proud François Boucher must have been after painting these most amazing paintings! Romantic indeed! Some day I would love to paint a panel this large and this intricate...I'm talking months of painting. I would want to hire a woodcraft man to add more intricate details. Oooo...sounds like fun to me.

Another lovely by Boucher titled Birth of Venus.

les genies des art - translation is the art genies. Oh, Ilove it!!! Look at all the little genies at work. Makes me wonder if there is a little truth behind this. I often wonder how great masterpieces were done and now we know. haha.

My first mural, at a showroom down is St Louis I was a buyer for. After going to market (High Point) you come back fully inspired with so many ideas. My favourite showrooms to visit, wait, the anticipation, Lexington. Go figure. They once had a display which was a Swedish collection and literally had snow falling from the ceiling. All the furniture was in lovely soft shades of whites, creams and grays. Ooo...It was amazing. So I came back to the store and went at it. These walls were my first attempt at a faux finish. The base coat was a lovely shade of blush, after it was fully dried I went on top with bubble wrap dipped in a creamy glaze and also back into the original colour in a twirly dab here and there. Yep, that's right, bubble wrap. After this was all dry, the top coat was done in a watered down golden yellow brown (ugly colour) dipped with a feather duster and I softly feathered the walls. It added just the right amount of a golden sheen to the walls. It turned out so pretty and was in St Louis Bridal magazine that month. Smile blush... plus I had so many people asking me to come out and do the same to their homes. It was very exciting time for me.

This is the close-up of the urn and flowers I painted. After it was finished I sanded which gave it more of a fresco effect. ( The flowers and urn I used to paint this was in another vignette, I loved it and placed them on the armoire for the visual painting.)
My little cherub, inspired by this romantic time of year. Titled ~ le chérubin l'un. This little watercolour has splashes of acrylics and tiny touches of gold. This little painting is ready to be framed and a little reminder of romance.

Le chérubin deux ~ this is the second cherub I painted and yes, both are for sale in my Etsy store. Let me know your thoughts on my little cherubs and what has you "Love Struck" or Coup de coeur.
I also saw today that Fifi, from Fifi flowers was enjoying the day with a little snow, in California! I feel so lucky today in Chicago to actually have a winter warm up with 60 degrees. I know, next week we will be back in the twenties but I do know spring is right around the corner and with that thought my design book has been filling up very quickly and I hope to have some new designs to share soon.
I can't wait to hear your "coup de coeur" stories.
~Miss Kris~

February 6, 2009

More Lavender Lovelies...

(image courtesy of Victoria)
Stone old walls are lovingly holding up this wonderfully scented wisteria. This is a lavender loverly!!!
Or in another part of the garden, little lavender and purple flowers carpeting the ground below a stone statue.

(image courtesy of Veranda)
Or flowers in beautiful terracotta and stone pots lining the breezeway. These lavender pretties are quite lovely up against the yellow stucco home.

(image courtesy of Veranda)
Or a simple lavender pillow on the gray linen wrapped chairs on the Veranda. Again the lavender and grays mixed together. I love it!

(image courtesy of Victoria)
I love this garden pond with the wisteria reflecting off the water.

(image courtesy of Veranda)
Oooo...Love this bench detail

(image courtesy of Veranda)
Or my new chateau with the lavender flowers flanking the grounds and moat. lol. A girl can dream. Some how I need to get a lavender room. So the question is... a spare bedroom or in a garden? What do you think?
I would love to hear you input,
~Miss Kris~

February 5, 2009

Lavendar Loves

(photo courtesy of Veranda)
Hi Everyone~ As you know I love lavender and the many lovely possibilities it brings to a home. Perhaps in a little spare bedroom. This image I love! The linen lavender chair with the pretty ruffles. The chippy daybed looks so pretty in soft pima cottons with more linen lavender pillows. The striped window treatments framing the beautiful outdoors.

(photo courtesy of Veranda)
A close-up of the pretty ruffled chair with the linen pillow. Looks so comfy and inviting to enjoy a book or a morning cup of tea.
(photo courtesy of Country Homes & Interiors-British)
These lovely blankets I love. The mix of gray and lavender is so effortless here.
Lavender toile!

(photo courtesy of Country Homes & Interiors -British)
Or perhaps I could enjoy cooking on this lavender stove.

Or maybe just through in some purple towels. Although I still love my white linens.

(photo courtesy of Veranda)
This bedroom with the small little touches of lavender are beautiful. I wonder if the stylist added these little touches for the punch of color. I love it! The lavender ribbons on the pictures flanking the fireplace and the ribbons tying up the magazines. I also like the soft butter yellows in the window treatment, the roses and the straw hat. Very Pretty!!!

(photo courtesy of Southern Accents)
This might be the winner for me. A wood crown with check lavender fabric matching the bed. I even love the chippy green stools at the foot of this bed. Fit for a princess or a guest. I have another idea for my lavender space for my next post. Think outside the box...or house. Does anyone have a lavender space? Or lavender love? Let me know...
Until then, au revoir
~Miss Kris~