February 12, 2009

Miss Emily

Hi Everyone! I'm Kris' Miss Emily. I know, I'm really, really cute! Krissie was scared this week because I got a little sick, I had to go the vet and get some tests. I was filled with fluids because I needed to wait to eat until all the test came back, which was five hours later, that is five hours without food or water. Yikes!!! What is a girl to do? But, I'M OK! Yeah!!! I can eat and get treats again. Krissie says I'm a really good girl and she LOVES me soooo much. Sometime Krissie says I'm a little Frenchie but I'm a British Bull true and true. My real first name is Lady because I'm so gracious in my movements. Smile, blush... Everyone calls me Emily except Krissie's niece, my cousin, she calls me Emburlee. It's really cute! Plus she is my size, we are best pals.
I wish everyone a great weekend and take your owners out for a walk, you know spring is right around the corner and the daffodils are trying to come up in the front yard. Krissie laughs, because next week we may get snow. See you back here next week.
~Miss Emily~


vicki archer said...

Look after yourself and Miss Kriss, Miss Emily, xv.

Simplicity Cottage said...

Kris...I love your Miss Emily. She is soooo adorable. Punkie Brewster is the Diva Bulldog Extraordinaire at Simplicity Cottage. Drop by and visit us sometime!

Love your blog!


Miss Kris said...

Thank you Vicki, I sure will.

Hi Donna and Welcome. Thank you for stopping by today. I can't wait to see your Punkie Brewster!!!

gina said...

Hey Emily tell your mama to check out dogs of all things blog. You're a cutie and behave o.k.