March 30, 2009

Bleu Wonders

(Image courtesy of Victoria Magazine)
Hi Everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Yesterday we got 3 inches of snow after enjoying a wonderful first week of Spring. It was a very heavy snow, around 1 p.m. the sun came out and started to melt it away. Not entirely but enough to melt of the sidewalks and driveways. It really was a lovely day! I started to think about Spring cleaning and freshening everything up and the colour Bleu popped into my head. It is so soothing and fresh. Here are some pretty images of BLEU.
(Image courtesy of Victoria Magazine)
(Image courtesy of Victoria Magazine)

I am loving this white slipcover chair with a pretty bleu comfy with the fire burning, after all it still is in the 30's here. Burrr....

(Image coutersy of Victoria Magazine)
Pretty flowers...I can't wait for the earth to start blooming these little flowers.

(Image courtesy of Victoria Magazine)
A very soothing bleu wall...
(Image courtesy of British Home & Garden)
Another soft bleu wall by a lovely tub with lots of pretty lacy linens. I love this!!!
(Image courtesy of British Home & Garden)
Close-up of the pretty lacy window treatments.

(Image courtesy of British Home & Garden)
Ooooo...this pretty feminine white and bleu wallpaper is LOVELY!!!

(Image courtesy of British Home and Garden)

This may just be my favourite bedroom ever! I love the softness and the light bleu walls and to wake up with the sun shining is Heavenly to me!

~L oie de Pomeranie ~

My little bleu watercolour of a Pomeranian Goose-Nest-Gold Coins. Available hereI often wish I had a white kitchen, this is why I painted this lovely.
I also LOVE little ducks and geese!
~Silver Appleyard Canard~
This is perhaps the companion to the Goose Watercolour it is of a Silver Appleyard Duck. I would love to see these framed in a very thin white frame with white matting. One day! It's also available here.

Of Course! I could not leave out a lovely Provence home with its pretty Bleu shutters. This is where I want to be!!! Are you loving Dreamy and Sweet bleus?
Au Revoir!
~Miss Kris~

March 26, 2009

~Part Deux of English Mural~

Good Morning Everyone! These are the last pictures of the English Murals I just finished. This view is of the English Garden Mural I finished last weekend and of the corner of "Winston's" Doggie home of Buckingham Palace (by the steps). I love it! A little home fit for royalty.

A better view of Winston's Palace.

Close-up of the gates and details.

Oooops....we just caught Winston looking out of his palace.

A lamp detail with foliage and roping to keep everyone one away from the KING - Winston. Because he is a very popular King. And oooh sooo CUTE!!!
(sorry photo is so dark)
This is a chalkboard I painted on the other side of the English Pub Bar. You'll get a better close-up of Winston as a Butler. He is CUTE!!! All dressed up.

Chalkboard close-up...


Winston again. So much fun. I really enjoyed painted all these murals. I hope you enjoy them all. See his cute little BONE~tie? hehe
I wish everyone a GREAT WEEKEND! See you back here Monday.
Au Revoir!
~Miss Kris~

March 23, 2009

English Garden Mural

(quick rendering)
This mural started with an empty canvas or "blank" wall. The desire was to add interest in a dead space in a lower level. The ideas were an English Garden with a fountain, so back to the studio I went and quickly sketched some ideas out. This rendering was the plan. A window looking out into a garden with a lovely fountain, some flowers, trees, a few butterflies and a birdie in a tree.

(click photo to see larger)

This is the finished mural of the English Garden.

close-up of the trim detail.
close-up of the iron work with gold accents.
close-up of the topiary.

(click picture to see larger)
This is the close-up of a corner detail. Pretty flowers, if you look closely you might be able to see the ladybugs on some leaves and a dragonfly wonder about over the pond. This was a delight to paint & incredibly peaceful. I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Also, I plan to show another mural at the end of this week of an adorable doggie's (Winston) new home at Buckingham Palace. A home fit for Royalty!!! Hehe
I hope everyone has a GREAT MONDAY!!!
~Miss Kris~

March 20, 2009

Les Printemps

(images courtesy of British Homes and Garden)
It's officially....SPRINGTIME!!! Yeah! Come join in my Pergola.

My table is set up with lots of Goodies!

Fresh flowers from my garden. Can you smell the lilacs?

Croquet anyone?

A resting stop for all those tired little feet under my Willow tree. ahhh...sigh....

Or enjoy my little chippy bleu bench, with lots of cushions and some slippers.

It's about dusk and I found these lovely tea lights. My blossom tree is dripping with bleu ribbon with lots of these on them. Awww....What a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! Thank you to everyone for joining me on our first Spring weekend!


Au revoir!
~Miss Kris~

March 19, 2009

*Something very Special*

I received something very special in the mail today! Something wrapped in bubble wrap.
hmmm...I wonder what it could be?

Perhaps something that is Black & White...

To my surprise and quick delivery, a pretty envelope and something beautifully gift wrapped.

Look at this wrapping, just so pretty with a sheer bow and silver leaves.

Oooooooo.... Noel from Fanciful hand-made this lovely book. She combined a vintage book with recycled material, and hand painted a modern number on front and side. With the most lovely label on back. I LOVE IT!!! Noel, thank you, THANK YOU, you are amazing and drooling with sooooo much talent!!!. I am going to treasure this forever. Also, Thank you for the lucky number 7,

what a delightful surprise.

Here is her sweet card with one of her signature designs. Inside, she wrote a beautiful note.
Très belle!

Her art is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

and her photography leaves me drooling for more...

Here is my beautiful Black & White number 7 book in it's new home. I can't thank you enough Noel. To check out her blog click here Fanciful

or go to her Etsy site here
Also, the pretty aqua and duck egg ribbon you see is attached to a little card with joli,-e typed on one side and is translated on the back side {{pretty}}. Noel's attention to detail is impeccable!!!

May everyone have a wonderful day!!!
~Miss Kris~

March 18, 2009

~Soft DREAMY neutrals~

Today.... I am dreaming of soft DREAMY neutrals. I would love to make myself home with a good book. Any suggestions!

I love this bathroom!!! Perfection!

Lovely chandelier!
fresh hydrangeas in soft neutrals.

soooooo Soft, I just want to touch.

Beautiful Monogram headboard in linen with scrumptious embroidery linens~I could dive right in!!!

close-up of embroidery~I'm in love!

What are some of your favourite neutrals?
Au revoir!
~Miss Kris~