March 6, 2009

~A pretty weekend~

(image courtesy of Victoria Magazine)
I love this Pretty and Sweet image! Do you like this picture?
May everyone have a lovely weekend!
~Miss Kris~


Blue Muse said...

That photo emulates the pristine and sweetness of early Spring, to me! Makes me want to throw a penny in the well, and make a wish :)
Happy Weekend, Kris!
xo Isa

Miss Kris said...

Such a sweet comment Isa!!! I agree it's time to throw a penny in and make a wish. I hope your wishes come true this weekend!

Fifi Flowers said...

Victoria magazine always has BEAUTIFUL photos... this one is PRECIOUS!
ENJOY your weekend...if you are interested in a HOT PINK weekend pack your bags... let's head to the beach!

Miss Kris said...

I'm there Fifi, packing my bags as I type!!! I am sooo ready for the BEACH!!!

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to be in the English countryside!
Bon Weekend Miss Kris

Miss Kris said...

Kelli, yes it would be so lovely to be in an English Garden, Happy Weekend!!!

Draffin Bears said...

What a darling sweet girl.
I picked up a copy of Victoria magazine yesterday and I am looking forward to sitting down to read it.

Have a happy weekend

gina said...

how sweet!

Miss Kris said...

I thought you would like it Gina! With all your beautiful girls.