March 9, 2009

Soft* Dainty* Linen sooo Pretty!
Comes in so many beautiful shades!

Double layered linen.
Pretty ruffle. Check out the lovely floor...Wide planks...I love this!
So pretty and dainty!


(All Images courtesy from Victoria Magazine)
I love linen and all the wonderful things you can do with it in your home. What are some of your favourite linen items?
May you all have a beautiful day!
~Miss Kris~


Fifi Flowers said...

This is a beautiful post! You should've submitted that chair in the 3rd photo to my chair contest... I bet it would be a HIT!
I'm thinking of painting it and taking out one of the paintings I have in the collection that I'm not wild about... hmmmmm
ENJOY your day!

Miss Kris said...

Thanks Fifi! Hmmmmm...I can't wait to see if you take the chair. I wonder what you'll do with it! Colours I mean. I do also love the window treatments!!

annechovie said...

I love linen, esp. tablecloths and napkins. Great choice of photos, Kris. I hope you have a wonderful week. Thanks as always for your kind comment and visit!

Miss Kris said...

Thank you Anne! I always love coming over to your Blog, you are so talented, you art puts a BIG smile on my face!!!

gina said...

I am a fan of linen and did you know there is paper backed linen that is wallpaper? It is so beautiful. I love the stool and the skirt pictures.

Miss Kris said...

Hi Gina! I knew, but haven't seen anything lately. Hint Hint;)

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS! I love the stool drapped in linen. I have some antique linens I picked up in France as well as some of my Grandma's. I have been trying to get ideas on how to use them... thanks for the ideas!

Draffin Bears said...

What a very beautiful post ~ love all the soft creams and white fabrics.
That little organza cloth on the table is beautiful.

I have a white linen skirt, that you only have to sit down for a minute and it looks like I have not ironed it at all.

Have a happy day.

Miss Kris said...

Kelli your French linens sound wonderful, but having a heirloom from your Grandma is so DIVINE! My most cherished treasures are all the items I have from my Grandparents. I hold them dearest to my heart and soul!!!

I totally understand your dilema with linen Carolyn. I love all the wrinkles linen creates. Adds more character, I say!!!

The Antiques Diva™ said...

What a beautiful blog... how have I missed you up until now?? I'm thrilled I saw your comment on I Paint Paris Dreams for now I've met you!
Best Regards,

manon 21 said...

tout ce que j'aime!!


Miss Kris said...

I'm so glad you found me Toma, I love your blog and what a wonderful likfe you have.

Me too Manon, It's all that I like also!!!