October 9, 2009

I'm jumping for...

(image courtesy of Renata Kaveh Photography)
Yippee... Weekend at Last!
May everyone have a BEAUTIFUL Weekend!
~Miss Kris~

October 7, 2009

Touches of BLEU...for YOU

I have been rather busy still, trying to finish things outside here before we turn to very cold weather. Which does seem to be right around the corner:( Today I decided to share with you some new paintings I finished last month. Both are done in lovely shades of bleus, greens, black and my favourite ~ real touches of gold. Oooo...when the light hits them...they shine!
Le Ballet
These painting are available in my Etsy store HERE. They both measure 16 x 16 inches and are done on gallery wrapped canvas with the sides painted. Both of these painting were my renditions of some images I may have found on your Blog.
May everyone have a BEAUTIFUL Day!!!
~Miss Kris~

September 26, 2009

~The Process, Part 1~

This is sometimes how my painting process starts. This process began with a lovely image, via Beautiful Things to Share Blog and I was instantly at my sketchbook. This beautiful image brought me right to Paris and I began to think about a lovely Paris apartment in the Left Bank perhaps on Rue de Seine. Where lovely cafes are on every corner and Paul's is just down the street. Oooo...I can almost smell the patisseries! Where I can go to the local florist and get bundles of fresh flowers for every room.

(image courtesy of OldPlank.com)
This is the second image for my inspiration for my Paris apartment foyer. I had this lovely set of antique doors in my file which are for sale at Old Plank for only $14,500. Aren't they MARVELOUS?

Of course, I had to somehow put Francois Boucher's BEAUTIFUL art in my foyer. Right?

Plus adding my little cat would be cute. (This isn't her although I love this little kitty, mine is a Himalayan so in the final rendering she will be there).

My final rendering! Voila! I placed my little kitty trying to get a beautiful yellow butterfly. Yes, I would have butterflies in my apartment. I also placed a few packages ready to be shipped out and some mail resting on my parquet floors.

Again the final rendering, 15X11". I hope you enjoyed my process in which "an image" sparked a painting.
May everyone have a delightful weekend!
Au revoir
~Miss Kris~

September 19, 2009

New Exhibit at Versailles

Hi Everyone ~ Versailles has opened up once again to another contemporary art event this fall.
Last year's event was with Jeff Koon and this fall, Xavier Veilhan is installing several new sculptures around the grounds. This contemporary event last thru December 13th.
This sculpture is called "The Large Carriage". I Love IT!!! I love the contrast of the purple sharp angled lines against the Beautiful Chateau.
Hmmm...perhaps I should check airline prices???
~Miss Kris~

September 15, 2009

Some pretties for you ALL!!!

Hi Everyone, Today I am LOVING this image. So inspirational!!!
When I first found this image I took out my sketch pad and went crazy...hours went by! I was Dreaming of a little French Marie Antoinette Playroom! Oooo...this playroom would of course have a pretty soft DREAMY carousel in it and beautiful animals dressed up for the princess. A pretty Marie Antoinette walking down a stone path and maybe a LOVELY chateau in the background or perhaps La Hameau? I think I would even paint a garden...Oooo the flowers I could paint! The colours!

Well...I'll let my mind wonder in this Delight later.

Somewhere in my Marie Antoinette Playroom I would have to have some of this Pretty writing...perhaps somewhere on the carousel. I just LOVE this writing, reminds me of Love Letters. Also, I will need some flying butterflies with sprinkling twinkles coming off their wings. Little touches of magic!

This image makes my mouth water! Yum!

How about some macaroons for you all?

If I could invite you ALL to my make-believe playroom, I of course would pour you each a flute! (or 2) :)

May you Pretties have a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!

~Miss Kris~

August 12, 2009

Twinkles in the sky...tonight

(image courtesy of lilidebretagne flickr)
Hello...Yes, please do come in!
I have lots of treasures to seek out.
Old and used robin's egg books
Very pretty painted pieces.

Quilted covers
Vintage Mirrors

Beautiful Art
Pretty chandeliers.

Tiny touches are throughout here.
Today I am loving everything in soft bleus, greens, ivories, and touches of gold. Wouldn't you like to stay here?

Tonight I will be up top, outside, enchanted by the meteor shower. Look out to Cassiopeia constellation in the northeast sky (looks like a "W") and perhaps you'll be able to see lots of twinkles.
~Miss Kris~

August 4, 2009

~A Very Special Thank You~

Hi everyone! I am posting one of the cutest things I received in the mail. I entered in a contest over at Draffin Bear by Carolyn Green for her birthday giveaway and I was one of the lucky winners. Yeah!!! I have been OOBER busy lately and never saw this cute little package waiting for me until now.
I gently began to open it up and to my surprise....

The most precious little duckling was waiting for me. I can NOT thank you enough Carolyn for I do not know how I was soooooo lucky to get this cute Duckling. I love ducks...this is just so SPECIAL!!! It looks so real, the feather on her side just remarkable. She also has such a pretty little hat on with little beautiful flowers on it's brim. Thank YOU so much again...homemade things are the most treasured gifts.
Carolyn from Draffin Bear is from New Zealand, she has such a beautiful blog and is highly talented, she creates teddy bears also. She loves everything beautiful, old and new. Carolyn travels extensively and I think she has such an interesting life, I highly recommend everyone to take a special trip over to her site to see what she has been up to lately.
~Miss Kris~

July 17, 2009

~A little weekend Bliss~

Good Evening my Friends!
Thank you for all your lovely letters wondering what's happened too me. You are all so very thoughtful! Each and everyone has made me feel very blessed to have such wonderful blogger friends!!! Merci!
Well the short story is...been busy with work, my family and a holiday thrown in. Once I get caught up with life I will put a stop to my tip toeing through blogland and start leaving comments on all your beautiful blogs. I hope you all have been enjoying your summer so far. I see some have been so lucky to get across the pond to the most beautiful place...Paris! Lucky you Kelly!
I am glad the weekend is here so I can rest, hopefully in a lovely dress like this! I wish everyone a beautiful weekend and I'll be back soon to fill you in with more TOP SECRET details!!!
Until then...Au revoir!
~Miss Kris~

June 4, 2009

~Mas De Baraquet~

Hi Everyone! I've taken a bit of a break lately...life happens! So I got to thinking about blogging and remembering where it all started. Well let's see... late last year I was sitting at my desk searching for an interior designer Ginny Magher from Atlanta. Well at the time I never really knew where she was from, just that I was "In Love" with her home in Provence. I first saw it in a Veranda issue in 1999. Yup 1999, and I immediately bought a back issue because it was my favourite issue ever and I knew I was going to flip through the issue over and over and damage it eventually. I never did ruin the issue, but my back-up is kept tucked away in my lovely bookshelves in my study (today I can't find my back-up:(). So back to my story about blogging. I typed in Ginny's name and this beautiful Blog popped up "Villa Anna". I was in such a trance with each of her post and started to leave a comment on how thankful I was to see Ginny's home in Atlanta. Oooo...it was such a DREAM! So lovely! Each image better than the last! Click HERE if you want to see Ginny Magher's Atlanta Home.
About a month went by...and in that time I seemed to have click onto each of her fellow bloggers. Each Blog just so beautiful in their own right! I found Blogworld so much fun. Such a neat and fun world! Who knew that I would find people like me fellow"Francophile". BLISS!!!

Since late last year I placed Ginny's Provence home on my "MUST POST" list. I am going to share with you this lovely home. I hope you think it is as dreamy and beautiful as I do! Enjoy!
These first few images are of the farm house in it's ruin state before Bruno LaFourcade Architect Team did it's magic! Bruno LaFourcade is known in this region of France to take Old Dilapidated Estate Houses and renovating them to these most impressive Estates. I made a link to his site, I would make a special trip there!

At first glance of this place I think I would have past by...never thinking of these raw bones and what COULD BE! This is no doubt where Ginny's eyes looked over and saw the potential what this place would become. Not only is Ginny Magher a talented Interior Designer but a visionary!!!

Here is the delightful home finished. All these images were taken from three periodicals, Veranda June 1999, Homes & Gardens August 2004 and Southern Living July 2005.

These two images are of similar pictures of the grand staircase. This one you can actually see the impressive ceiling beams. So breathtaking. I love all the pink flowers...as if they were taken right off the grounds which I will show you later.

Quite possibly my favourite kitchen EVER! I love all the terracotta tiled floor and the blue and white ceramic tile back splash. Looks as if it was always there. So lovely! And if anyone knows where I might possibly find this goose on the island I would love to know!!! I love geese!!! It almost looks like a Pomeranie Goose which is my favourite goose.

What a lovely sitting area. Again I just love all the colours in this space. All the walls in the home were kept in a matte gray and old white except for the occasional splash of ochre.

Besides the BEAUTIFUL outside, I love this room! Oooo...all the scrumptious colours are Wondrous!!!

Can you image sitting in this room enjoy a meal with friends and family with this VIEW??? I can!

It's all in the little touches. A lot of Ginny's items were purchased on buying trips to Arles, L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Aix-en-Provence, Paris and beyond!

I love the mix of Bold Blacks and Whites mixed with touches of Bleu! Very Pretty!

I could soak here for awhile.

She also has plenty of guest space, for visitors are always here.

As everyone might already know...my favourite colour is lavender. Which I have none in my home. I do have lots of red...I think if this bench is ever of need of a new home...I'm HERE!!!
Look at this little detail in the railing... Le Coq no less!

Ladies! I calling all you over to enjoy this lovely room for some tea. And patisseries!!!
If it is after 5pm I will be serving wine!!! Hehe

Another before image of the grounds. The next image is of the after. Enough said!!!

The following images are of the grounds all the Landscape design is by Dominique LaFourcade...so very talented!

This is the lovely Ginny Magher. She says "I am quite sure that in a previous life I was Madame de Pompadour's assistant. To me, 18th-century French taste and elegance has never been bettered." So beautifully said Ginny. I am so delighted that she has opened her home to be displayed for us all! So are you all "In Love" with Dreamy home as I am?
Thanks for stopping by today! May everyone have a Lovely weekend!
Au Revoir
~Miss Kris~