May 28, 2009

"I'm feeling a bit Country today!"

(Images courtesy of Country Living)
Hi Everyone! Today I'm feeling a little Country! I would love to take a little Holiday and visit this LOVELY!!! Don't you find this home DREAMY!
I'll be back next week to show you one of my all-time favourite homes in Provence! Until then may everyone have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!
Au Revoir!
~Miss Kris~

May 21, 2009

~Blissful Weekend Thoughts~

(if this is your image please let me know...not sure where I found it)

Hi Everyone! Ahhhh...The Weekend is here at last! I just simply love LOVE this image. This BEAUTIFUL chandelier just glistening off the tranquil silent water. Lovely!
It's Memorial Day on Monday, which is a day in the United States which commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in the military service.
Please take time to remember... and I hope everyone has a nice extended weekend!
~Miss Kris~

May 18, 2009

~La Belle au Bois Dormant~

Once upon a time in a faraway enchanting land lived La Belle au Bois Dormant!

These lovely images tells a dreamy story of a Lovely Sleeping Beauty...Waiting for her Prince!
If you scroll back to my first image...You will find a piece of art which has been in our family for MANY generations! The story goes like this...My great, great Grandma passed away and my family didn't know where she had placed her will. As a last resort they went to see a Fortune teller. The Fortune teller told them "The Will" is behind the Rhine. No one understood what was the meaning to this. They all went home and returned to My great, great Grandma's home the next day and looked around again. There it was...The Rhine River resting in it's frame just waiting to be turned over. At last the will was found! Taped onto the back of this picture.
So that is the story about the cork painting from Germany which was passed down for many generations. I just loved listening to my Grandma tell me this story as I stood on one of her antique chairs staring at it for hours. I made her story last for hours and made it into my own little fairytale.
Does anyone have any lovely pieces that has been passed from one generation to the next?
Until next time, may everyone have a LOVELY DAY!
~Miss Kris~

May 14, 2009

~Un weekend au bord de la mer~

(image courtesy of YvetteInufio)
Hi Everyone! Shall we go away for the WEEKEND?

(image courtesy of snippet and ink)
Perhaps, by the SEA...
(image courtesy of myfavoriteandmybest blog)
Look at these little STARS I found...for each of you

(image courtesy of snippet and ink) in the distance I see a beautiful WHITE big top!

(image courtesy of flickr)
Shall we take a ride on the


(image courtesy of flickr)
Shall we rest a bit under one of these?

(image courtesy of such pretty things)
Time to head back to our hotel rooms...

(image courtesy of Women via HouseofTurquoise)

(image courtesy of Such Pretty Things)
I think I'll put on one of these!!! Let's get all dressed up and head back to the beach!
(image courtesy of SouthwoldBeachHuts)

(image courtesy of flickr)
Come on everyone...It's Time for the SWINGS...

(image unknown)
So divine and free!

(image courtesy of flickr)
My little toes dipped into the sea.

(image courtesy of et Moi...HERE... taken at Glencoe Beach,yes it's true we have beautiful shores here in Chicago)

Some lovely art to remind me of my BEAUTIFUL day by the shore!
I hope you enjoyed your day by the SEA...?
~Miss Kris~

May 12, 2009

{BLACK & whites}

Morning everyone! These are some of my favourite Black and Whites on this Wordless Wednesday! I hope you enjoy!
(image courtesy of lilidebretagne)
(image courtesy of snippet and ink)

(image courtesy of snippet and ink)
(Image courtesy of Victoria Magazine)

(image courtesy of Victoria Magazine)

(image courtesy of Interior Divine Blog)

(image courtesy of Victoria Magazine)
(image courtesy of jasperware pallasantiques)
(Image courtesy of Cote de Texas)

(image courtesy of snippet and ink)

(image courtesy of Brides)

(image courtesy of Sarah Kaye photography)

(image courtesy of Victoria Magazine)

(shop Fanciful Here)

I have to admit I LOVE colour! AND....I do LOVE all these Dreamy Black & Whites!!!

Don't you love all these Pretty images?
May Everyone have a Beautiful WEDNESDAY!!!
Au Revoir!
~Miss Kris~

May 7, 2009

~Pretty Pinks for YOU~

(image courtesy of Sarah Keyes Photography)

These are some of my dreamy PINK images! Enjoy!
Ooooh...put first...did he leave me a love note?

(image courtesy of Country Living ~ British)

(image courtesy of Country Living ~ British)

(image courtesy of Flickr)

(image courtesy of

Aubusson settee, just so beautiful.

(this item is SOLD although I have a few others for sale HERE)
My little watercolour painting ~Le cherubin deux~

This was one of my favourites to paint. This cherub is holding a love letter.

(images courtesy of

The most LOVELY painted Petite Antique French Lady's Desk.

(champagne decorations nov/dec 08 and the next 3images)

(Charles Faudree ~ image courtesy of Cote de Texas)

This last image is sooo breathtaking, so feminine, I AM in love!
I love all these DREAMY and soft pinks images. Do you love soft pinks in your home?
May everyone have a beautiful WEEKEND!
Happy Mother's Day to all you BEAUTIFUL MOMS and those special Mommies to be...wink...wink...dear Kelli!
See you next week!
~Miss Kris~