October 28, 2008

Happy Spooky Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

The witches wand ~ spider web pillow

(click picture to see all the little details)

Trick or Treat

My"Little Witches Kitchen" hand-painted wall hanging is full of spells & potions for sale daily after Midnight. What spells could some pixie dust or some snake oil brew up tonight? I also added a few crystals and a touch of glow-in-the-dark paint to scare all the goblins away. hehe
I recently found this picture of myself from my Grandpa's aka "Grumpy's" home. I was a very scarrrry witch. I look as if my cheeks were already stuffed full of goodies! lol

My sweet mom made my Halloween outfits, such good memories. I wonder what ever happened to that hat?

Also, notice my hat~it's the same one from my "Little Witches Kitchen" Banner

Every good witch needs a pair of very special shoes sprinkled with lots of "good faerie dust". Hand-made by moi. They were a challenge to make and not sure how they will stand up to this weekends events.

I wish everyone a very Spookalicious weekend.
I hope you will bring home lots of Goodies!
Au revoir!
~Miss Scare Dee Pants~

October 26, 2008

~ Un beau lapin ~

Hi~I hope everyone had a great weekend!
This is my latest design, Un beau lapin ~ The colours are a beautiful robin's egg bleu, mixed with some golds and then a crisp white, commissioned as a custom hand-painted wall-hanging. The ideas were started by some ribbon in robin's egg bleu & some natural linen fabric. A bunny was a must along with a robin's egg nest. So the drawing was started.
The quick sketch

(to see enlarged ~ click picture)
This is the finished product.
I sooo loved painting this. Some of the added elements were ribbon weaved in and out of the canvas topped with a satin bow. The cute little bunny is finished of with a pom-pom in white yarn fluffed up for his cottontail. Trimmed on the bottom with a ruffled linen and for easy hanging topped off with a natural rope & a wooden heart to hang from.
The saying is in french and says "Once upon a time a lived a beautiful bunny..."
This is a close-up of the bunny. I was also commissioned to paint a few more items for them and will have them posted in a later post. ***Hint Hint Hint***may be a little piggy, ducky or a calf/cow, so I have a quick question. If you were to only choose two animals to go with the beau bunny, what would your top two be???
or a CALF/COW?
Au revoir
~Miss Kris~

October 22, 2008

awww...These are just the cutest tiny treasures

These little lovelies were hung in my dear Grandma's home right in her foyer. Every time I walked by I had to stop and say "hi" to each of them. I made up cute little stories about them. I never knew a "True" story existed about them. So here it goes...
They are called The Wee Musicians
The Wee Musicians were painted by the noted artist, Lowell, who was inspired by the following tale:

(size - 4 1/2" x 4")
One of the most celebrated stories surrounding the court of King Arthur of the Round Table is that of the Wee Musicians. Their appearance, legend has it, always brings good fortune.

The most renowned instance in recent history occurred during the childhood of the present Duke of Salisbury. The family fortunes of the ancient house had reached their lowest ebb. Suddenly, the Wee Musicians appeared and revealed themselves to the Royal Child, pointing their instruments to the ancient tower of Salisbury Castle. Learning of this the boy's father had the tower thoroughly searched and was rewarded by the discovery of priceless concealed treasure.

Down through the ages, to this very day, it is said, where ever they appear the Wee Musicians always bring happiness and prosperity.

So that is the cute story about the Wee Musicians which was kept a secret until I got them from her. I feel like it is a sweet little treasure from her. By the way... the little girl playing the piano is my favorite. Which is a shocker because I was actually fired from my piano teacher for not practicing...go figure...I wonder if that had do with the fact I was always doodling & drawing. Hmmm.
Well, I hope seeing these cute Wee Musicians will bring everyone happiness and prosperity.
Au revoir!
~Miss Kris~

October 21, 2008


(image from - Maisons & Decors Méditerranée)
Hi! I just started searching through piles of my periodicals looking for just the right pieces to go in my new Château and I had to stop. I forgot I even had a copy of Maisons & Decors Méditerranée magazine from 4 years ago and started flipping through it I found this lovely Maison which was recently renovated. I had to share & let everyone see into Fenêtres ouvertes sur un tapis ~ DE SANTOLINES (translated means something like this???Open windows on a rug ~ Of Santolines) Which sounds so beautiful especially after looking at this picture with lovely lavender and perfectly aligned cypress trees sitting on a "rug" of pebbles.

Pleeeze be patient with me after two years of High School French, one year in college and a bit actually over in France I speak "No" french. hehe
Parle vous l'anglais?;o)

(image from - Maisons & Decors Méditerranée)

With special care this former distressed farm was renovated both internally and externally with beautiful terraces and cut gardens. Simply BEAUTIFUL!!! Ohhh how I wish this were mine. lol. I love, everything!

(image from - Maisons & Decors Méditerranée)

What a perfect day! Of course I must remind myself anyplace looks good to me today because its a bit cold here in Chicago 53 degrees. Burrrr

(image from - Maisons & Decors Méditerranée)

These garden and vineyards are just breathtaking!

(image from - Maisons & Decors Méditerranée)
More lovely pictures of the grounds.

(image from - Maisons & Decors Méditerranée)

Would anyone like to join me for some wine on my veranda? I'll bring some food also. hehe

(image from - Maisons & Decors Méditerranée)

Some picture from the inside. The hall is really nice. The beautiful beams are great! I would like to see a bit more color. Perhaps some blue and white tile in the kitchen?

(image from - Maisons & Decors Méditerranée)

These doors are to die for! And I have to comment on the little window. How charming!

(image from - Maisons & Decors Méditerranée)

This staircase is from another article but I had to post it. At the landing you get to choose ~ Do I go left or do I go right? That is really why I love staircases just because we never really know where they lead. Unless we have walked them before.

I hope everyone enjoys this lovely home. Now, I need to get back to working on my Château.

Au revoir! ~Miss Kris~

October 19, 2008

Make-believe Château

Once upon a time a lovely chateau was built in Pretendland. The chateau's name was La marque croit le Château (make-believe chateau) made of old bricks, stones and stucco with pretty blue shutters. The roof was made of clay. The chateau wasn't very large but full of interesting rooms with lots trinkets from all over the globe.

1st Floor:
Living Room
Dining Room
Keeping/Family Room
Powder Room
Master Suite

2nd Floor:
Bedroom 2
bathroom 2
Bedroom 3
bathroom 3

Outside Spaces:

15 spaces...oh BOY! so...From time to time (perhaps month to month) I will post a new room from La marque croit le Château. I better get started. Were do I begin...?

~Miss Kris~

October 14, 2008

"It's a Bright Day!"

This is my latest I guess you could call it a mural. Or a sky!
To get started paint a lovely base of blue. After it completely dries the fun starts. Take a tad of raw sienna mixed with a bit of dioxazine purple which makes some brilliant sunset shadows in the clouds. Then add some white to the clouds. Last add a bit of yellow oxide and highlight some of the clouds to simulate the sun's bright beams on them. 2 hours later ~ voila! A sky.

This was great to paint especially since we were all overcast yesterday. Made my day shine! hehe

Everyone have a great day!

~Miss Kris~

October 7, 2008

"Book Alert"

Hi, I just returned home from a trip to my local Barnes & Noble looking for anything new I don't have yet by Betty Lou Phillips and wouldn't you know it - nothing! Bummer! Although my hands did find another beautiful book. It's called "French Country Living" beautifully written by Caroline Clifton-Mogg with delightful photography by Christopher Drake. Each page is inspired by the french countryside with light and airy spaces with soft gray hues, beautiful textures and small prints. Imagine this kitchen with friends and wine. What stories we could share!
Chippy paint console with white and glass lovelies!
Love love this chandelier!
If this were my bedroom I would certainly have sweet dreams!
Simply beautiful.
Beautiful Monogram Blue and Natural Linen Pillows. They look so comfy! I can never have enough natural linen in my home.
How I would love to enjoy this table every morning with my sweet tea and watercolours. I wonder what scenery my brushes would paint? Vineyards? A Charming Farm? Hmmm... I love all the airy spaces ~ only if I could live this way.
I hope everyone has a great day! Au revoir!
~Miss Kris~