October 14, 2008

"It's a Bright Day!"

This is my latest I guess you could call it a mural. Or a sky!
To get started paint a lovely base of blue. After it completely dries the fun starts. Take a tad of raw sienna mixed with a bit of dioxazine purple which makes some brilliant sunset shadows in the clouds. Then add some white to the clouds. Last add a bit of yellow oxide and highlight some of the clouds to simulate the sun's bright beams on them. 2 hours later ~ voila! A sky.

This was great to paint especially since we were all overcast yesterday. Made my day shine! hehe

Everyone have a great day!

~Miss Kris~


Villa Anna said...

You are so fabulous Miss Kris!

Anna :)

Miss Kris said...

Thank you Anna for your kind words:o)

Joyce said...

I love the sky you painted. It looks so real! Almost makes you want to lay on the floor and look up in the sky!

Anonymous said...

The way the chandelier looks shining it's lights on your beautiful mural is breathtaking! How I wish I had your talent!