October 28, 2008

Happy Spooky Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

The witches wand ~ spider web pillow

(click picture to see all the little details)

Trick or Treat

My"Little Witches Kitchen" hand-painted wall hanging is full of spells & potions for sale daily after Midnight. What spells could some pixie dust or some snake oil brew up tonight? I also added a few crystals and a touch of glow-in-the-dark paint to scare all the goblins away. hehe
I recently found this picture of myself from my Grandpa's aka "Grumpy's" home. I was a very scarrrry witch. I look as if my cheeks were already stuffed full of goodies! lol

My sweet mom made my Halloween outfits, such good memories. I wonder what ever happened to that hat?

Also, notice my hat~it's the same one from my "Little Witches Kitchen" Banner

Every good witch needs a pair of very special shoes sprinkled with lots of "good faerie dust". Hand-made by moi. They were a challenge to make and not sure how they will stand up to this weekends events.

I wish everyone a very Spookalicious weekend.
I hope you will bring home lots of Goodies!
Au revoir!
~Miss Scare Dee Pants~


Villa Anna said...

Unfreakingbelieveable!! I love it! I love it so much! I wish we down under celebrated Halloween the way y'all do up north. The shops try to push it but it still really hasn't picked up. I gave my son a halloween birthday party last year and that was alot of fun dressing up. You look ADORABLE!!!!!! in that baby photo :)

Anna :)

Miss Kris said...

Anna! You're so cute! A Halloween birthday party is a great idea! Seeing all the kids dressed up must of been so much fun. Thank you & have a GREAT weekend!:)