November 1, 2008

Bastide de Charme

Hi Everyone! I am sharing with you one of my all time favorite images of a home from the Bouches du Rhone area in southern France. This magazine (Maison Francaise Juin 99) has traveled with me from my time in St Louis Missouri & even sorta inspired my first mural in the furniture store I was a buyer for. I'll share that mural with you in a later post.
If my foyer had similar architecture I would love for it to look exactly like this. Not one single change. I love the iron chandelier. The tiled floor. OMG the iron railing! And I love LOVE LOVE the walls. Such lovely shades of soft greens & robin's egg blue mixed in with beautiful simple touches of gold. And the sky ceiling~so soft. I would never leave my foyer.
Plus, I would love to paint this! It would be a few days of heaven for me!
~Sorry about the images~
The soft green & robin's egg blue walls is being carried into the parlor with the beautiful gold touches again. I'm not into the bright color so much but this is stunning to my eyes. I love the double french door in a celedon wash. It just feels like HEAVEN!

The garden grounds. The statues just beautiful! The rustic iron door knocker is so charming against the lovely shade of the French Blue Door.

So lovely! I can almost feel the sunset against my face. OK, I'm just dreaming for a bit.
I love the cute lanterns reflecting off the beautiful patina of the stone terrace and the water. Lovely!

So that is it. Thank you for taking this journey with me! Let me know your thoughts of this place?
Have a great day Everyone!
~Miss Kris~


Anonymous said...

I am not a"blue" person but this could change my mind. Lovely!

vicki archer said...

a gorgeous post on a gorgeous, gorgeous house - thank you so much for your lovely comment on French Essence xv

Miss Kris said...

Thank you Vicki! I am so excited I just ordered your book & am so looking forward to starting it!:)

Gail McCormack said...

Magical Work! Love it!! reminds me of so many of my favourite childhood books.
Beautiful blog

Villa Anna said...

You're right this home is absolutely heavenly. That robins egg blue is exactly the shade I'm trying to find for my bedroom. What a struggle that has been lol.

Anna :)

Miss Kris said...

Thank you Gail & Anna! Anna ~ Bleus are tricky expecially because of the cast of the sun. Testing on the wall is almost a must with bleus.

Unknown said...

Is this heaven!?! It must be because it is sooo heavenly Blue! I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

The Candy Faerie Land is adorable and so creative.....