November 24, 2008

a little princess room & my first give-a-way winner!

And the winner is ~ Janie for my first give-a-way. Yeah! The elves are singing and lighting firecrackers. Boom, boom, kaboom! Soooo much excitement in the air! Congratulations Ms Janie!!!:o)
I gave Janie options for the give-a-way. She choose a acrylic rendering of her nursery. I painted her nursery a few years ago & her twins are grown and ready to have their own room and this is going to be a keepsake for her to treasure for years.

Each of the twins beds had a canopy, for the little girl a pretty pink castle and the little boy had a little brown & white dog on his. This room was so much fun to add special touches with my brushes. Congratulations again Janie and I'll get out to you a quick sketch for approval before painting your keepsake.

This last week I have been a tad busy with the start of this little princess room. I am having a lovely time ,excluding my neck %!*#ouch!!!). To tell you a little bit about this little princess, she loves pinks, lavender & blue ~which her mom says today it's her favorite color. In her room she wants a pretty princess, lots of glitter and sparkles.

This above image is of the princess' carriage, if you look through the window you will see the princess castle. I still have LOTS to do, the walls are going to have white stripes with little pink flowers. The coffered ceiling is painted a beautiful shade of lavender which I will paint soft clouds and put lots of magical stars and on top of the stars will be small touches of glow-in-the-dark paint. I am going to paint a canopy over the bed with a crown with lots of rhinestones and more glitter with some zebra pull backs & some more SPARKLES. I have a princess to paint next to her dresser, a chandelier, family dog on black iron pedestal and lastly a picture of ballerina slippers under the chandelier. I am sure I am missing something.
A close-up of the lantern on the carriage. I think I should add more dripping wax on the bottom. hmmm and maybe more glitter. More magical I think is better for this princess. She loves helping me with the glitter and the crystals.

Close-up of the castle scene. Tell me your thoughts on this room and also if I'm forgetting anything that a princess should have. Well I am off to take a long hot shower and an evening of rest before tomorrow.

Au revoir! ~Miss Kris~


vicki archer said...

This princess is one lucky little girl - I think the room is absolutely gorgeous xv.

Villa Anna said...

Yet another fine example of the truly OUTSTANDING work by Miss Kris! No wonder you're flat on your feet, your work is phenomenal.

Anna :)

Miss Kris said...

Merci Vicki! This little girl is very lucky.

Thank you Anna! It is truly alot of fun. Although this weekend I do plan to get lots of R&R.

Fifi Flowers said...

ADORABLE! Aah to be a princess in that room!

Miss Kris said...

Fifi, I'm blushing here in Chicago! I feel so honored coming from such a wonderful artist. THANK YOU for your kind words:o)

Ann said...

That is such a nice looking Princess' Room. Perfect colors, furniture and fixtures, and nice wall designs too. She's such a lucky girl.

Unknown said...

Words do not do your work justice. You are truly a wonderful artist. I feel so honored to be your Mother. I wish I could see every room you bring a child's fantasy to life. Every room is remarkable.

jpdmom said...

I started painting murals after leaving the Animation/Children's Educational Software Industry (The Learning Company). I was not great at it, wait I did not love it. However, looking at your beautiful work I sort of miss it....makes me want to re-do at least my children's rooms. I would have loved that room as a child - I WAS that princess!

Miss Kris said...

Ann, Thank you, and yes, she is a VERY lucky girl.

Hi Jamie! Your work is WONDERFUL!
Always, always brings a smile to my face. Mural trick, bigger brushes... & May you continue being that PRINCESS!!!:o)