November 14, 2008

~Sweet Dreams~

(courtesy of Home and Garden)

It is time to dream of pretty embroidered linens, soft floral prints, sumptuous satins and delicate laces. I love everything about this bedroom. Look at the lovely picture frame over the headboard and the painted harlequin pattern floor. I also think the canopy panels are done in a natural silk taffeta. Love Taffeta, I think I could have taffeta window treatments in every room of my home!!!

(courtesy of Home and Garden)
This lovely bedroom is covered in layers of beautiful floral pink prints. The walls seem to be painted in soft pinky peach and washed in white which seems to give it a beautiful cloudy effect.

(courtesy of Home and Garden)
Ohhhh, i love the carving and the caning of this bed all painted in white. In this volatile market we might just be able to find something close in style at a consignment shop. And with a fresh coat of white paint and some vintage quilts this might actually be achievable

I love English gardens. And this beauty takes me right there. I could definitely achieve sweet dreams here.

This room is so sweet. I love all the quilting, from the bed skirts to the bedding and the pretty soft grey blue one resting upon the white iron frame. My favorite is the pretty white lacey top sheet. This is one item I can never do without ~ white sheets. Also white towels ~ Love them!

A darling bed for a little girl. I love the baskets under the bed to place all those little lost toys for the night.

This room is so pretty and soft. For me though I need just a bit more color or umph... Maybe just a tad lighter on the walls could do it for me or perhaps a white wash strip. What do you think?

I could definitely make this my spare bedroom. I love the pops of pink, just enough umph (color).

I do love canopies, having one as a tot, I always felt safe. Do you notice the wood beams on the left side of the picture? I can almost in vision a wood burning fireplace in the corner. What a lovely!

Wow! This room is all about different textures done in whites and pinks. My favorite is the large pink check on the headboard/foot board and chair. What room is your favorite?
I hope everyone has sweet dreams this weekend!
~Miss Kris~


cotedetexas said...

ooh - beautiful eye candy!! i esp. love the last one with the lilac checks = to die for!

loved your comment to me about your flowers - how lucky you are to be able to grow such gorgeous ones!!!!

thanks for the comment.

vicki archer said...

Such beautiful images - love them all. I am a white linen/white towel girl too - I think there is nothing so luxurious as that. The way my aching limbs are feeling right now I could easily slip between the covers of those gorgeous beds and never wake up. xv

Ness Lockyer said...

Ooooo! Love the iron day bed. Those linens are stunning,
Ness xx

Fifi Flowers said...

Dreamy bedrooms!
You must be really busy!
Hope you enjoy the holiday season!