November 3, 2008


Hi Everyone! I apologize if I am behind but, "Have you heard yet?" that Audrey Tautou is playing Coco Chanel in an upcoming movie expected to be out sometime next year (2009) titled Coco before Chanel. It is still in it's pre-production stage. I can not wait to see it!!! I am saying it again I can not wait to see it!

My reason why I can not wait to see the Audrey Tautou movie is, I fell in love with another version of Coco Chanel's life on The Lifetime Channel staring Shirley MacLaine as the older Coco and an actress I never heard of until now ~ the lovely Barbora Bobulova as the younger Coco. It was a WONDERFUL movie!!! So romantic and the scenes were so beautiful. I never knew too much about Coco Chanel but she had a beautiful story to tell besides just about her clothing/products etc. If you have seen the Lifetime Movie version let me know your thoughts on it.

***Spoiler Alert*** Don't read this paragraph if you have not yet seen the Lifetime movie. Coco and Etienne Balsan were so wonderful together! In that, the Lifetime version I saw. I want to believe that they would have ended up together. Someday. If it wasn't for his untimely death. sigh sigh...

Please let me know if anyone has heard anymore about the Audrey Tautou movie ~ Coco before Chanel or if you have any comments about the Lifetime Movie about Coco Chanel

~Miss Kris~


Anonymous said...

I watched that Lifetime movie, like you I didn't know her story. What a great movie that was!!


Unknown said...

Hello! Thank yo for your sweet comment! I am so glad you found me because it led me to here to you! I love your posts! I read the Coco book, then saw the movie (I have a post on it you might be interested in) & I loved it! Amazing! I am so excited to hear about this new movie, I can't wait! Time prohibits me from commenting on all of your incredibly beautiful posts but I loved looking through them! Thank you for a dose of beauty today!