November 10, 2008

A Pink Pretty

This is a Pink Pretty my Mom made and I wanted to share with everyone. My mom is a wonderful needle pointer. She spends her retired days stitching all sorts of pretties. This is one of my favorites and she won 1st prize!

My passion for painting and designing has come from her. She has a wonderful eye for color and as a tot I loved going to the stiching store to help pick out threads. I can't wait for her to get her Christmas tree up so I can share all her needle point stockings with you. They are small and sweet & come in all sorts of colours and are very eceltic.

I'd love to hear what passions you have that were helped upon the way from your parents or grandparents.

May you have a great day!

~Miss Kris~


vicki archer said...

such beautiful work - i admire her gift to make such fine work. your mother must have much patience and a real ability to focus on this intricate attention to detail, truly lovely xv

Villa Anna said...

Everytime I visit your blog miss kris all I hear myself saying is WOW!!! You and your family are so incredibly talented it's amazing! Sadly I have no talents. I only know how to fluff pillows and spend money lol.

Your mother's needlepoint is too die for. If I saw that for sale on ebay or etsy I'd have to have it! lol

Anna :)

Miss Kris said...

Yes Vicki my mom has lots of patience and a very steady hand. I do admire her! I can not wait to share with her these comments.

Anna, I admire YOU! You have such a wonderful eye, to everything beautiful!!! That is a TALENT many wish they had.

Anonymous said...

Yes my daughter, Kris, is very talented. My husband & I are so proud of her!

I am not near as talented as she is. I am blown away when ever I am able to visit the homes she has painted murals. Her talent is not limited to murals and banners, she has added a few stitcheries of her own.

Kris I hope you will share those one day.


Ness Lockyer said...

I would love to see your stitching Kris. Your Mums work is just stunning...I see where you got your talent from.
I was self taught all that I do, but we have a lot of extremly talented and artistic members of our family. There must be a gene or something,
Ness xx

Miss Kris said...

Hi Ness! Yes you are VERY talented! I do think there must be a gene or something. I wish I were across the pond to see your items in person, I love your Holiday tags!!! :o))

Unknown said...

Hi Kris! It looks like talent & creativity run in the family! These are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing your passion and your (& your Mom's) talent with us!