November 11, 2008

Holiday GIVE AWAY! yup, that's right!

North Pole
(18x24" canvas with wooden dowel and ribbons)
This is my 2008 Christmas Collection, all are hand-painted, sprinkled with lots of Love & drizzling with lots sparkles. My north pole hand-painted wall hanging was actually introduced last year & I decided to include it in this years collection. It is still my favourite.

Candy Faerie Land
(18x24" canvas with wooden dowel and ribbons)
This is my new hand-painted wall hanging, 3 little candy cane faeries, crystallized Christmas ornaments with special words like "Wish", "believe" & "twinkle" on them. Lots of sugar candies laying around in the crisp, fresh snow. Finished off in candy coated swirls. Sugar Kisses.

Red nosed reindeer
(12x17" hand-carved wood)

This little cute reindeer is surround by berries with holly and pretty white snow flakes. With a tiny touch of gold. And you can pick your own saying or perhaps a little ones name from Nana with 2008 included.

Cutie Snow Angel
(12x17" hand carved wood)

A cute snow angel with lots of snow flakes and a tiny touch of gold. You can also specify another saying instead of Happy Holidays.

Sugar Faerie
(12x17" hand carved wood)

This sugar faeries is holding a little box and is surrounded by lots of candy. Candy canes and sugar drops...mmmmm

I would love to hear what you think of my new Christmas items. I'm planning a give away from my Christmas Collection this week. All the names of those of you who comment on my items will be placed in the hat for the drawing. The drawing will close Sunday (11/17) by 11pm central time.

~Miss Kris~


Anonymous said...

Yay...I get to be the first to comment! I love them all...I don't know how you do it all. They're beautiful.

Janie said...

Kris. This work is beautiful. I always love your work and am amazed at the new and wonderful ideas you have. I love to sit in my kids rooms still everyday. The Christmas items are wonderful. What a great thing to start, collecting these for each holiday. Beautiful and unique pieces to bring out and enjoy each year and pass on in the family. I love it. thanks for sharing it with me.

Anonymous said...

All of these items are as nice as they could be!!! I always love your work as you may have guessed by the number of other pieces I have had you create for me. All you need is the idea and your imagination and creativity take off!!!

Villa Anna said...

Miss Kris If I only had a quarter of your talents I'd feel like a rock star!!! If you lived in Sydney you'd be extremely over worked but extremely wealthy and I'd be extremely poor lol. I doubt there'd be a single wall left in my home without your signature art lol.

Anna :)