November 5, 2008

Fairy Princess Dreams

Today I finally had the chance to go back & take more pictures of this mural I finished awhile ago.
This room was completely inspired by a four year old wonderful imagination. She told me everything she wanted in her room. A few princesses, lots of animals, from elephants, rhino, hippo, zebra, giraffe, red panda (Lincoln Park Zoo has one) and so many more. Castles, rainbows and also a lovely white swan. Since this little princess loved animals I made them come to life completely dressed for the occasion, dressed in lots of jewels! In the end this room was drizzling in lots of crystals, sequin and lots of glitter. What a lucky little princess...
And more pictures!

Bunk bed topped with a beautiful tiara corona with pretty feathers, beads & more crystals.

When painting trees, on the darker leaves I suggest painting a top coat of light green glitter paint, this gives a really special effect. Makes a magical space for any princess!

May everyone have a great Princess day!

~Miss Kris~


mondocherry said...

This is amazing! I love all the little details you have included like the letter coming through the door. The animals have such great personality. Bet all the lucky owner's friends want to come round to her place for play dates!!

Miss Kris said...

Hi Clare! Thank you for your sweet comments! You are right! The mom of this little princess had one complaint, Maggie's friends never want to leave ~ made my eyes tear up.

Joyce said...

Kris, This is BEAUTIFUL and so MAGICAL! I want to sleep in this room. What a very lucky 4 year old.

Miss Kris said...

Thank you Joyce! This room was so much fun to paint! This princess is a very lucky GIRL!

Gail McCormack said...

WOW, wow and triple wow
Just gorgeous Kris, I have a fascination with murals, yours are fabulous, it must take loads of planning
What a lucky little girl this one is to have her beautiful Princess bedroom

Miss Kris said...

Merci Gail! This means a lot coming from you, I love, love your Christmas painting!:o)

Villa Anna said...

I'm speechless!!!!

Anna :)