October 21, 2008


(image from - Maisons & Decors Méditerranée)
Hi! I just started searching through piles of my periodicals looking for just the right pieces to go in my new Château and I had to stop. I forgot I even had a copy of Maisons & Decors Méditerranée magazine from 4 years ago and started flipping through it I found this lovely Maison which was recently renovated. I had to share & let everyone see into Fenêtres ouvertes sur un tapis ~ DE SANTOLINES (translated means something like this???Open windows on a rug ~ Of Santolines) Which sounds so beautiful especially after looking at this picture with lovely lavender and perfectly aligned cypress trees sitting on a "rug" of pebbles.

Pleeeze be patient with me after two years of High School French, one year in college and a bit actually over in France I speak "No" french. hehe
Parle vous l'anglais?;o)

(image from - Maisons & Decors Méditerranée)

With special care this former distressed farm was renovated both internally and externally with beautiful terraces and cut gardens. Simply BEAUTIFUL!!! Ohhh how I wish this were mine. lol. I love, everything!

(image from - Maisons & Decors Méditerranée)

What a perfect day! Of course I must remind myself anyplace looks good to me today because its a bit cold here in Chicago 53 degrees. Burrrr

(image from - Maisons & Decors Méditerranée)

These garden and vineyards are just breathtaking!

(image from - Maisons & Decors Méditerranée)
More lovely pictures of the grounds.

(image from - Maisons & Decors Méditerranée)

Would anyone like to join me for some wine on my veranda? I'll bring some food also. hehe

(image from - Maisons & Decors Méditerranée)

Some picture from the inside. The hall is really nice. The beautiful beams are great! I would like to see a bit more color. Perhaps some blue and white tile in the kitchen?

(image from - Maisons & Decors Méditerranée)

These doors are to die for! And I have to comment on the little window. How charming!

(image from - Maisons & Decors Méditerranée)

This staircase is from another article but I had to post it. At the landing you get to choose ~ Do I go left or do I go right? That is really why I love staircases just because we never really know where they lead. Unless we have walked them before.

I hope everyone enjoys this lovely home. Now, I need to get back to working on my Château.

Au revoir! ~Miss Kris~


Ness Lockyer said...

That first photo is my quintessential idea of a driveway to an old Chateau. Great photos.
Ness xx

Miss Kris said...

I sooo love the entrance also~maybe one day! a girl can dream.lol