October 7, 2008

"Book Alert"

Hi, I just returned home from a trip to my local Barnes & Noble looking for anything new I don't have yet by Betty Lou Phillips and wouldn't you know it - nothing! Bummer! Although my hands did find another beautiful book. It's called "French Country Living" beautifully written by Caroline Clifton-Mogg with delightful photography by Christopher Drake. Each page is inspired by the french countryside with light and airy spaces with soft gray hues, beautiful textures and small prints. Imagine this kitchen with friends and wine. What stories we could share!
Chippy paint console with white and glass lovelies!
Love love this chandelier!
If this were my bedroom I would certainly have sweet dreams!
Simply beautiful.
Beautiful Monogram Blue and Natural Linen Pillows. They look so comfy! I can never have enough natural linen in my home.
How I would love to enjoy this table every morning with my sweet tea and watercolours. I wonder what scenery my brushes would paint? Vineyards? A Charming Farm? Hmmm... I love all the airy spaces ~ only if I could live this way.
I hope everyone has a great day! Au revoir!
~Miss Kris~


Chris@Shoestring Chateau said...

what a delightfull post! I love the pillows and the blue outdoor area is bliss.Thankyou!

Joyce said...

I so love the pillows and chandelier!

I was at Barnes & Noble last week wanting to pick up a book or magazine and walked out with a latte instead!

Villa Anna said...

I LOVE this book! Thank you for reminding me I have it lol. It's just one of those books you wish you could dive into the pages and start living in those rooms.

Anna :)

Ness Lockyer said...

That book is on my Christmas list. I can't wait to get it.
Ness xx