September 30, 2008

Rue de Edwardo - Paris Mural

What Timing! I start my blog and tell everyone of my love for French and a lovely Parisian cafe mural drops into my hands. Timing is everything!

This mural all started with a lovely couple (who are actually friends of the family) and they told me what they were looking for. They handed me some framed pictures of work from an artist I am so aware of
Viktor Shvaiko. He captures such romance in his paintings. His work is simply amazing!

They tell me just a few things they would like to see - a cafe window scene, an awning over the bar with swags on each side and some aged walls with brick. So I go back to the studio and begin to sketch.
In my original sketch I was not going to paint the door. But after careful consideration I thought it would add more dimension! So voila! I made the door into a glass door and inside I added a hand wrought iron staircase. I also added a sign next to the door "Bridgette's Boutique" This is her daughter's name and now she has a boutique over the cafe. Anything is possible with paint!
After the door was finished, she asked if I would be able to paint her family dog. "Of course!" I say, she doesn't know it but I love painting animals;) Animals have been a favorite of mine to paint since I was a tiny tot.
Close-up of Scruffy's face

One of the happiest flowers - Daisies
I painted her daughter's name in the mural and I now I need to get their son's in here as well - Edward- Rue de Edwardo. The sign at the corner is for cafe Bistro - Le Berger
The swag at one end of the bar and a flowering tree.
close-up of cafe window
This is the cafe before I put on the stucco walls and brick.

I hope you will enjoy and I hope to perhaps inspire some budding artist to create something wonderful! Au revoir!


jpdmom said...

What beautiful work you do, I love your murals. I tried doing murals after my son was born (and I left the animation world) and before I started my business - I commend you. Murals were very hard for me to do - now I only paint my children's rooms.....keep up the good work. You are very talented!

Miss Kris said...

Hi Jamie!

I am smiling here in Chicago^_^ Thank you for your kind words! It really means a lot coming from you. Your artwork has brought a smile to my face MANY TIMES! I also love your blog it is very inspirational! I learn so much from it & I definitely take something positive away every time I read it. Thank you!

vicki archer said...

What wonderful work - congratulations.

Villa Anna said...

Kris! I'm completely in awe of you! You are incredible! I'm basically speechless!

Anna :)

Ness Lockyer said...

You are a very gifted artist thats for sure. I enjoy doing murals, but don't get much time for that now. It is very should be so proud of yourself with this one...beautiful. Ness xx

Fifi Flowers said...

What a FUN mural... LOVE it! Who would ever want to leave that area!

Joyce said...

This is my first visit to your blog and will be visiting often! Your murals are beautiful!!! They are so magical...

Obee Designs said...

I just came across your blog and I'm so glad I did. You are truly gifted and talented. Your work is amazing!! You can tell you have such a passion for French Interiors. I am an Interior Designer with the same passion. I understand you completely. I think it's really neat you have the old pictures of your family members too. That is really cool.
Can't wait to come back for more!!!