September 18, 2008

Lavender Love

(image from - The English Home)

Love is "pauple" at the age of four. My mom let me pick out my first Big Girl Room color - it was a lovely soft shade of lavender & my carpet was deep purple (lol). I now am having a new fond love for lavender.

How about having a lavender space be a gentle fountain in a luscious garden. I love, love this picture! I would someday like to paint it.

(image from - The English Home)

Perhaps surround my fountain in Willow Veil (lavandula stoechas) scents.

(image from - The English Garden)

Maybe having a lavender lady's une pièce de poudre( a powder room) painted in a soft gray ( to duplicate the lovely fountain) & place my lavender accent in a beautiful chair in front of my make-believe antique vanity. This criss cross backing is heavenly!

I would definitely have my vanity surrounded by aromatic linen sprays in lavender scents of course.

I think I am forgetting a beautiful floral arrangement to sit atop my antique vanity for my guest to view. Maybe something simple like this...just one perfectly bloomed periwinkle hydrangea in a clear glass vase. Viola!

What would your lavender space be?


Villa Anna said...

That criscross detail on the back is as you said absolutely heavenly!

What a beautiful vanity you described.

Anna :)

lady jicky said...

I remember seeing Oprahs lavender guest bedroom in one of her magazines - it was lovely. I started to see lavender and all its shades in a different light from then on.

Sherri Blum, CID said...

I love your lavender space...I'm moving in! ;-)

Actually my space would be just as you've described, but I need a few touches of favorite color! I do love lavender and pink. However, I live in "testosterone-ville" here in my house! I'm the only female so it's difficult for me to sneak in my feminine touches. Therefore, I painted my master bath and bedroom a very soft, pale blue and then brought in small touches of lavender and purple in artwork, a small floral arrangement on the sink vanity or candle perched on the edge of the tub. So far I've gotten away with it here! Do you think they'll notice if I add my pink touches one day?!

Miss Kris said...

Lady Jicky, I do remember O's bedroom, I think it is in her Santa Barbara home which is filled with lots of french antiques to drool over:)

Sherri, I agree with touches of pink especially living in testosterone-ville. I really don't think your boys will notice lol. And your husband will appreciate your small pink touches:)