September 27, 2008

Hello Lovely Fall!

Hello Autumn! It is the first full week of autumn here and it's time to get my house in order. So me and my family spent Saturday at a lovely place called Didier Farms which is about an hour north of Chicago. I felt I was at little town fair. Pony rides, Hugh Slides & Hay rides... Hotdogs, Carmel apples, Freshly popped corn, Elephant Ears & Sweet corn all under a big red top and right next was a old halo with little piglets squeaking for their mommy.

I ran right for the food! An ear of sweet corn... freshly dipped in butter. mmm... & decided to start looking for some pretty pumpkins. But I had to first stop at these lovely mums.
I took home some lovely orange and dark red mums.

These Radio Flyer Wagons were so cute all lined up waiting to get snatched up to fill with lots of goodies.
Some lonely pumpkins waiting for their owners to come get them!:(

These little plastic containers are filled with lots of sweets. And yes I did take some home and they are already gone! mmmmm hehe
Mmmmm...more fresh food...Acorn squash...I can not wait to bake some of these in butter and lots of brown sugar!
ohhh so hard to decide which ones to take home...The dilemmas I have ;)

I thoughts these were the most beautiful pumpkins I have ever seen! Soft grays, greens, oranges and yes, even lavender tones. I took one home to put on my dining table. I think it will look lovely with my Grandma's china & her monogrammed silverware & some antique linen made by my great great Grandma back in Germany. I will definitely post some pictures later this month of my dining table.
Happy Autumn to you all!!!


cotedetexas said...

pumpkins already!!! I am not ready for fall!! I want my summer back.

Thanks for your comment too! muchas gracias!


Miss Kris said...

Hello Joni!

I hope you are doing Ok and things are getting better in Houston.

Oh, I'm am SO not ready for fall either. ( Not at all!!!

I say we all go visit Anna in Australia so we can redo Spring & Summer! ta-ta

Anonymous said...

This place looks so fun!!!

Ness Lockyer said...

I would love to take home one of those Radio Flyer cute. Ness xx