September 22, 2008

A "jungle" BIG boy room...

A Big Boy Jungle Room...This room began with the help of a little five year old imagination. The sweet boy sat in with his mom & I on our first meeting. He loves animals his mom told me. He tells me he wants "gorillas, elephants, snake, bear & an alligator" in his room. He also knew exactly where he wanted them. So the sketch began...


Then the painting starts...This picture is at the end of Day One.

The final picture.

"I want an alligator under the window in a pond. I also want the teeth cleaner bird in his mouth."

momma and baby gorillas-nesting

Baby elephant playing in a pond

The final pictures & 4 days later...A jungle room for a little boy to grow into. I also added in the tree a growth chart camouflaged in the tree trunk to mimic wood carving in the tree. This room was great fun to paint! Best of all one day I was able to see him in his space playing make-believe with all the animals.

A great thing about a mural is that colors can be completely custom to the homeowners taste. She loved the green in the leaves. It really pops!

What do you think? What would you change or add to a jungle room?


Anonymous said...

so adorable!!!

lady jicky said...

I am loving those monkeys!

Villa Anna said...

Kris Kris Kris!!! I wouldn't change a thing! You truly are a Genius! Martha Stewart needs to feature you on her show or website or something.

Anna :)

Miss Kris said...

Brandi & Lady jicky, Thank you! this room was fun to paint. I also painted another monkey not seen in the pics by the entrance door just hanging out by some vines.

Thank you Anna! Oh my...Martha Stewart I wouldn't know what to do...I think I would beg just to see her hydrangea garden.


Sherri Blum, CID said...

You've done a fantastic job! But then again...I'd expect nothing less than something great from you!
Thanks for sharing!

Ness Lockyer said...

That is great!!! I agree...Martha look out. Ness xx