September 27, 2008

Oh my P.O.S.H!

I found this wonderful small shop that is full of unique treasures with lots of personality! It's called P.O.S.H Chicago & it's right here in Chicago.

How about a whispery pale robins-egg blue high fired ceramic ware decorated with delicate filigree & Chez Germain logo in white. They also have matching mug and plate but I would love to place this on a simple white plate...Oh and they have lots of those too...
How about a little dash of this or a little smidgen of that. Oh my Gosh! I Love these! Especially since I was not blessed with any sense of cooking or baking. he he
C'est le coeur qui fait valoir les mots." It is the heart that gives meaning to words...I still love the art of lettre writing. Wouldn't you love to receive a lovely hand written lettre on a soft pastel harlequin pattern? Directly from France! The Reservoir Absinthe Glass. They also have a beautiful Absinthe Fountain. So french...the sugar cube. These come nicely wrapped. So sweet! (lol)

How about French Farm Meal-time Set for your little one. The darling drawings of cutey animals are labeled in French!
Or perhaps a tin full of the alphabet cards in French. I would love these for me! Perhaps place them in my studio.
I definitely need to get this one...remember paint by number? This comes with 8 other pictures to paint as well. A lovely ballerina, a pretty fall scene & lots more although The Eiffel Tower painting is all I need.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!
If you would like to check this place out here is the link P.O.S.H Chicago.


Villa Anna said...

Oh wow Kris I want them ALL! What a fabulous find. I could go crazy in a store like that. I'm adding it to my "When in Chicago list" right under "See an Oprah show" LOL.

Anna :)

Country French Antiques said...

Bonjour Miss Kriss
Merci for stopping by my blog AND welcome to blogland!
Your painting is beautiful and I see we have a common love of French!
Merci also for putting me on your blogroll, I'll add you to mine.
Have a beautiful day!

Ness Lockyer said...

We SO need some of your stores over here in Australia. I am going to drool now. Ness xx

Joyce said...

Kris, I love P.O.S.H!! Did you visit the pie shop next door?

Miss Kris said...

Hi Joyce~

Welcome! No, I have not visited the pie shop, next time will be a must! Yumm! Thanks :o)

Anonymous said...

The blue bowls and individually wrapped sugar cubes are so cute :)