July 17, 2009

~A little weekend Bliss~

Good Evening my Friends!
Thank you for all your lovely letters wondering what's happened too me. You are all so very thoughtful! Each and everyone has made me feel very blessed to have such wonderful blogger friends!!! Merci!
Well the short story is...been busy with work, my family and a holiday thrown in. Once I get caught up with life I will put a stop to my tip toeing through blogland and start leaving comments on all your beautiful blogs. I hope you all have been enjoying your summer so far. I see some have been so lucky to get across the pond to the most beautiful place...Paris! Lucky you Kelly!
I am glad the weekend is here so I can rest, hopefully in a lovely dress like this! I wish everyone a beautiful weekend and I'll be back soon to fill you in with more TOP SECRET details!!!
Until then...Au revoir!
~Miss Kris~


FrenchBlue said...

So Pretty over here always~~~ I love seeing your post today and so happy to hear you are going to rest~
Standing by with a smile~

Draffin Bears said...

Bon jour Miss Kris,

How wonderful to see you back again and posting on your lovely blog.
I have been wondering how you have been and you have been missed here.
I know that work and family life can be busy. Glad that there was a holiday in there too.

I look forward to maybe hearing about your Top Secret details ~ sounds like fun!

Enjoy your weekend

ps. Did you get the little parcel I sent to you?

debra@dustjacket said...

Welcome back, did miss you!!

Top Secret, sounds interesting. Love the photo, gorgeous.xxxxx

vicki archer said...

Glad you are back Miss Kris, you have been missed....Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

LIVS LYST said...

What a beautiful picture!!! And how creative! Lovely!

Smile from Liv in Norway ;O)

gina said...

Sooooo happy to see you back!!!
Can't wait to hear more. Have a great weekend

Kelli said...

Hi Miss Kris,
Glad to see you back! Paris has been great and Berlin has been a blast!
I hope you are enjoying your summer as well, it is important to take a break every now and then. Life is life... right!?!

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Life does have a way of getting in the way of our dalliances in BlogVille doesn't it!!?!?

Villa Anna said...

You don't have to tell me about blogging breaks Kris, I know about them all too well ;) It's always wonderful to see you pop in every now and then.

Anna :)

Sarah Klassen said...

I'm new to your lovely blog and I can see already that I am going to be an avid follower :)

I am going to add your pretty blog to my favorites*

Have a fantastic weekend...

Sarah Klassen/Haute Design

Fifi Flowers said...

Such PRETTY images! I hope all is well with YOU! Miss seeing you and having FUN! My life is crazee these days... kids home over summer... I hardly get to visit anyone... just blogging, painting... a few more weeks and things should get back to normal... and maybe you will have some time to go on an adventure with Fifi... it's been too long!
ENJOY your time!