March 19, 2009

*Something very Special*

I received something very special in the mail today! Something wrapped in bubble wrap.
hmmm...I wonder what it could be?

Perhaps something that is Black & White...

To my surprise and quick delivery, a pretty envelope and something beautifully gift wrapped.

Look at this wrapping, just so pretty with a sheer bow and silver leaves.

Oooooooo.... Noel from Fanciful hand-made this lovely book. She combined a vintage book with recycled material, and hand painted a modern number on front and side. With the most lovely label on back. I LOVE IT!!! Noel, thank you, THANK YOU, you are amazing and drooling with sooooo much talent!!!. I am going to treasure this forever. Also, Thank you for the lucky number 7,

what a delightful surprise.

Here is her sweet card with one of her signature designs. Inside, she wrote a beautiful note.
Très belle!

Her art is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

and her photography leaves me drooling for more...

Here is my beautiful Black & White number 7 book in it's new home. I can't thank you enough Noel. To check out her blog click here Fanciful

or go to her Etsy site here
Also, the pretty aqua and duck egg ribbon you see is attached to a little card with joli,-e typed on one side and is translated on the back side {{pretty}}. Noel's attention to detail is impeccable!!!

May everyone have a wonderful day!!!
~Miss Kris~


Marie said...

The book you won from Noel has a perfect home now! Luv the vase next to it!

annechovie said...

That is just beautiful, Kris! I also loved your accessories and the way you styled the photo. Perfect!

Noel Solomon said...

Miss Kris! I am so happy you notice the little things too. I love finding that in people. There are so many beautiful small things in this world that so many people pass up. I'm happy were not that and we see and believe in the little details. THANK YOU SO much for this sweet post. You are amazing and THANK YOU!

Draffin Bears said...

Congratulations Miss Kris, that is wonderful and it looks so lovely alongside your ironstone vase.

Have a lovely weekend

FrenchBlue said...

Miss Kris,
You and Noel are so much the same! Both so talented and with so much gracious detail. Tiny things matter the most! Enjoy your book!