February 10, 2009

Coup de coeur

(image by François Boucher)
I'm "LOVE STRUCK" with this romantic beautiful room. Can you imagine being commissioned to paint these lovelies for someone. How proud François Boucher must have been after painting these most amazing paintings! Romantic indeed! Some day I would love to paint a panel this large and this intricate...I'm talking months of painting. I would want to hire a woodcraft man to add more intricate details. Oooo...sounds like fun to me.

Another lovely by Boucher titled Birth of Venus.

les genies des art - translation is the art genies. Oh, Ilove it!!! Look at all the little genies at work. Makes me wonder if there is a little truth behind this. I often wonder how great masterpieces were done and now we know. haha.

My first mural, at a showroom down is St Louis I was a buyer for. After going to market (High Point) you come back fully inspired with so many ideas. My favourite showrooms to visit, wait, the anticipation, Lexington. Go figure. They once had a display which was a Swedish collection and literally had snow falling from the ceiling. All the furniture was in lovely soft shades of whites, creams and grays. Ooo...It was amazing. So I came back to the store and went at it. These walls were my first attempt at a faux finish. The base coat was a lovely shade of blush, after it was fully dried I went on top with bubble wrap dipped in a creamy glaze and also back into the original colour in a twirly dab here and there. Yep, that's right, bubble wrap. After this was all dry, the top coat was done in a watered down golden yellow brown (ugly colour) dipped with a feather duster and I softly feathered the walls. It added just the right amount of a golden sheen to the walls. It turned out so pretty and was in St Louis Bridal magazine that month. Smile blush... plus I had so many people asking me to come out and do the same to their homes. It was very exciting time for me.

This is the close-up of the urn and flowers I painted. After it was finished I sanded which gave it more of a fresco effect. ( The flowers and urn I used to paint this was in another vignette, I loved it and placed them on the armoire for the visual painting.)
My little cherub, inspired by this romantic time of year. Titled ~ le chérubin l'un. This little watercolour has splashes of acrylics and tiny touches of gold. This little painting is ready to be framed and a little reminder of romance.

Le chérubin deux ~ this is the second cherub I painted and yes, both are for sale in my Etsy store. Let me know your thoughts on my little cherubs and what has you "Love Struck" or Coup de coeur.
I also saw today that Fifi, from Fifi flowers was enjoying the day with a little snow, in California! I feel so lucky today in Chicago to actually have a winter warm up with 60 degrees. I know, next week we will be back in the twenties but I do know spring is right around the corner and with that thought my design book has been filling up very quickly and I hope to have some new designs to share soon.
I can't wait to hear your "coup de coeur" stories.
~Miss Kris~


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous rooms and decor!

Fifi Flowers said...

YOur little paintings are precious! Thanks for stopping by today to see YOUR castle... I titled it "Miss Kris Castle"
ENJOY your day!