January 18, 2009

Sweet garden nursery mural

(quick rendering of window wall)
Hi everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their day. Most murals start with a story and this one starts with the mommy's love of Boston, MA. In Boston they have a Public Garden and in the Garden they have some bronze statues that were inspired by a beloved children's book "Make Way For Ducklings" by Robert McCloskey.
This is a very cute story how Mrs. Mallard (mommy duck) makes way every spring toward the park and pond in Boston with her ducklings. I never heard of this book or story here in Chicago but it is an adorable book with great illustrations I really think all children will love it.

(photo courtesy of FreeFoto.com)
Here are the bronze statues that are in the Public Boston Garden for everyone to enjoy. They are so cute!

So this is my palette before painting the little ducklings and the momma. Yes, I use paper plates, which require no clean-up. I've learned my way through cleaning palettes everyday and then going to plastic and then finally going to paper plates. I am really thankful for the paper plate.

Here are the little ducklings under the window sill. I love this a lot, probably because I love ducks. And geese. Something about their little tush. The way they waddle, So cute!!! Ducks always bring a smile to my face and a little giggle.


In one corner I painted a cherry blossom tree with pretty flowers below. I added a few ladybugs, bumble bees and butterflies. Little ones love bugs.

Close-up of flower detail.

(this isn't the final image, swan boat not finished, plus you might notice I was not finished adding the shadows by the bridge, just in case you decide to click image to view up-close)
This is the picture I painted over the changing table. Another picture of Boston's Public Garden. In the water is a swan boat, which are owned and operated by the same family for years. They hold I think about 20 people and they take them out in the lake and enjoy the park from the water. What a nice day for those people in the boats.
In this room I also painted a Boston Street Lamp with more flowers flanking the other side of the window. And over the crib is Chicago Botanical Garden image of the fountain, some swans and trees. If anyone is familiar with Chicago Botanical Gardens it is a view of the crescent with pink tulips. I also painted over the chest of drawers The Chicago Bean with some buildings behind along with a few air balloons. Finishing the room is a painted sky with a few birds. Really a pretty room for a little girl. I hope to get more pictures of this room and once I do I'll post them. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this room.
May everyone have a wonderful day!
au revoir! ~Miss Kris~


gina said...

Love your mural. Your style makes you feel like the ducks are real and want to reach out and touch them. Beautiful blog! please come visit me. gina purdywallcovering.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! So pretty! You are so very talented. I have trouble drawing stick people! You do amazing work and we are so lucky that you share it with us! I love the little duckling story too! Who knew!?! I might have to go out and get the book for my little one.

Miss Kris said...

Gina~Thank you for visiting me and your nice comments.

Judith! You are so kind, this room was lots of fun to paint. I never heard of this book until now, it's cute how Boston helps the ducks make their journey, even the nice policeman stops traffic. Very cute. Thank you again!

Le said...

I am loving your work !! over from miss fifi and am so happy to find you - the wee blossum tree and buggies - just divine - looking forward to seeing more - cheers le

BumbleVee said...

I love ducks too...your art work is lovely.....