January 10, 2009

A little R&R and a bit of France!

I am in need of a day of Rest & Relaxation so today I am combining a trip to the day spa and an evening of some french love. Morning appointment is at 10 a.m. for a 50 minute deep-tissue massage. Should I book a few extra appointments for you? I'm in dire need of a massage after all those ceilings I have been painting.
After my massage I am off to get a pedicure. No manicures for this girl, my fingernails are super short because my hands are always full of paint. Sacrifices I make ;o) kidding, I love painting, worth all my short nails!!! I'll go ahead a book a few more appointments for you here also.

After my spa appointment I am off to pick up some new magazines at my local book store and a little lunch. These magazines I do not get a subscription for so it is a little treat to myself.

After lunch I am off to a restaurant near here to pick up some carry out for my dinner this evening. When I am in Paris I love staying at a lovely hotel in Saint Germain Des Pres called Hotel De Buci. A hop away from the hotel is brasserie with one of my now favorite foods ~ Mussels.

This is one of the interiors views of the room I stayed in last time in Paris. Small and very quaint. Notice all the fleur de lys?

I love mussels in a cream sauce and I am lucky I have a restaurant near by that always has them in. So that is what I am going to pick-up for dinner tonight.mmmm.....

I also picked up a French film "Dare me to love you" staring the lovely Marion Cotillard (from a Good Year) I saw this film years ago & I am up for some laughs tonight. It is a silly quirky film about two childhood friends who play truth or dare as children and are up to this silliness as adults.

Although it goes a bit out of control. Maybe a little dark ~ I am up for that tonight.

***spoiler alert*** Ok, so I won't spoil the ending, except to say you will not forget it. Ahh what love does to us.

Along with my movie I bought a bottle of framboise. This Rasberry Framboise was introduced to me by my best friend and I highly recommend it. It runs anywhere between $7-$9 a bottle & comes in a few more flavors, labeled a beer (with a cork), with low alcohol content, very bubbly, sweet and a little tart. Fizzes in your mouth, it is absolutely wonderful;)!!!

And to finish off my evening I just bought (OK, a few weeks ago I bought this book but was trying to save it for my french evening) a book called "My French Life" by Vicki Archer. Ms Archer is one lucky woman! I am truly loving every page. Thank you Vicki for writing a lovely book on your life. It is remarkable and I HIGHLY recommend it. Perhaps I may be lucky enough one day to take a wonderful chance like her and her family and embark on a life in beautiful Provence. Just unbelievably remarkable!!! Plus the photos are as amazing as her story. Très magnifique! . Oh...AND she also has a beautiful blog French Essence . I wouldn't wait to check it out!

What would your day of R&R be like? Or perhaps, could you recommend a foreign film I might add to my must watch list.

Au revoir everyone!

~Miss Kris~


Ness Lockyer said...

Sounds wonderful. I have just read My French Life for the millionth time. I will have to check that movie out though. Oh, I am always painting too but I find a French Manicure doesn't show up the paint under your nails as much...gives you time to get it out!
Ness xx

Miss Kris said...

Hi Ness! I am going to re-read Vicki's book over and over, it is wonderful! Next time out to get my nails done I will try the french manicure(it will match my little toes) Thank you for the tip!:o)

vicki archer said...

Thank you so much for your lovely words and including me in your French post - I am so thrilled that you are enjoying My French Life and I wish you the most relaxing and enjoyable day ever, xv.

Miss Kris said...

No, Thank You Vicki! Your book is so wonderful! And yes, my french day was so relaxing & enjoyable.ahhh:o)!!!